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The Handkerchief Prince

by on Jul.07, 2007 @ 3:40 am, under College

Looks like Yuuki Saito had a solid outing against Team USA -- he held them down to a single run over 6 innings. I think this kid is really going to be big where ever he ends up pitching. He shows a lot of composure on the mound and hardly ever looks completely lost (or overmatched). He did have the one bad outing during the exhibition games they played earlier, but otherwise he's looks pretty solid.

Final line score:
6 innings, 2 hits, 1 run, 3 walks, and 3 strikeouts

89 pitches (52 strikes)

BTW: if you're wondering how he got the nickname "The Handkerchief Prince" look no further than last year's nationally televised High School Championship Series. Seems he carried a handkerchief in his back pocket to wipe sweat off his brow and face while pitching. Next thing you know there's a huge boom in handkerchief sales as people start to flock out to stores to buy them up.

...And the media being extremely clever, dubbed him "hankachi-ouji," or "The Handkerchief Prince."


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