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Yu Darvish in the news

by on Aug.08, 2007 @ 8:51 pm, under NPB

Yu Darvish has been making quite a few headlines for himself the last week or so. He first got himself on the backpages when the press found out that he was going out with 20-year-old actress Saeko. Later, he found himself back in the limelight for posing nude in a woman's magazine. And now, today, he's back in the middle of everything by announcing his marriage to Saeko, who also happens to be 2-months pregnant. According to some sources, Saeko was also upset when she found out about Darvish posing nude for a woman's magazine.

Such is the life for 20-year-old ace pitcher, Yu Darvish.

Hey, as long as he continues to pitch well, I could care less about his private life. But who am I to really say? I'm not his boss, nor his parents. I'm just a fan of the game. And all I know is that it would just be a shame if all this gets in his way and stunts his growth.