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NPB: Buffaloes push 1 year Powell supension

by on Feb.12, 2008 @ 9:15 am, under NPB

It appears as though the Orix Buffaloes won't be giving up on Jeremy Powell just yet. They made an announcement earlier today informing the press that they have submitted papers to the commissioners office to investigate the doubled-up contract situation.

Buffaloes GM Katsuhiro Nakamura was quoted as saying, "If contracts that are submitted later take precedence over all others, the future of baseball will be in trouble."

I'll be REALLY interested to see how thing turn out if Powell is required to join the Buffaloes after all is said and done. I'm not sure if Powell will be a willing participant and could cause the Buffaloes more problems than not.

UPDATE 2/14/2008: The Buffaloes are pushing for a season long suspension extension instead of the current 1-month suspension that was handed down by the commissioner's office earlier on.

I was trying to find out what the contracts were like and here is what I've found out:

The Softbanks Hawks apparently offered Powell a 1 year deal worth about $930,000. The Buffaloes contract was slightly less at 1 year and about $512,000. The contract does also appear to have a performance clause that could be worth upwards of about $465,000.

The Hawks are offering better guaranteed money to Powell, but if pitches well this season, the contract the Buffaloes offered could be worth more.

Contract information gleaned from Sanspo.
Powell news taken from Yahoo Sports Japan.
Both links are in Japanese.

0 comments on “NPB: Buffaloes push 1 year Powell supension

  1. knucklehead7

    I can see both sides of this. On one hand, it does seem like it could cause problems if they have a guy who prefers to play somewhere else, but on the other, it does set a bad precedent.

  2. Gwynar

    I’m not really sure if I buy the precedent thing. Contracts in Japan are almost non-existent and I think that’s where part of the problem lies in this case. I’m beginning to think that Powell really didn’t know what he was signing into and made a mistake.

    Business contracts in Japan can be a little awkward, especially for someone like me coming from the US where contracts are always so complete. Many contracts here are just a couple of pages. I didn’t even sign a contract with the company I was working for before — it was just a hand-shake agreement.

  3. knucklehead7

    I guess it depends on whether or not he knew what he was signing. The confusing part, to me at least, is that the league is saying that he knew he was signing a second contract and punishing him accordingly, and yet, they’re letting him play for the second team. I still don’t understand what he thought he was signing either if he didn’t believe it was a contract.

  4. Gwynar

    Powell is sticking to his claim that he thought he was signing papers for his visa. I still think that’s a bogus claim though. It’s not like this was his first year in Japan — I would have to imagine that he would realize if a team wasn’t interested in signing him, they would in no way offer him support in obtaining a visa. Plus, Powell was with the Buffaloes in 2005. If his prior employer has anything to do with his visa, it should have been the Giants helping him, not the Buffaloes. Powell did spend the last 2 years of his career with the Giants.

    More than getting Powell, the Buffaloes may just seriously want to know exactly what happened.

  5. emath

    What a mess…. Almost as big a mess as the Clemens thing… Well, ok, maybe not…

    This guy is either an idiot, or a huge liar, it would seem…

  6. Gwynar

    It appears I may have missed something because now I see that the Buffaloes are appealing to the commissioner for a suspension extension for the entire season instead of the 1-month suspension that was handed down earlier. The Hawks are pushing to get the suspension shortened.

    That actually makes a lot more sense now.