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A Yuuki Saito Update

by on Mar.04, 2008 @ 5:55 am, under College

The Waseda baseball team began training today in Okinawa for their upcoming season. And the manager has once again given Saito a challenge: throw 1,000 pitches over the next 5 days (200 pitches / day), an "upgrade" over last year's challenge of 1,000 pitches over 6 days.

So what does Saito do in his first bullpen session today?

He throws 247 (!) pitches.

That's not a typo. Let me type that again.

247 pitches

But then he did end up throwing 948 pitches over 7 games during the high school summer championships 2 summers ago. And he did throw 200 pitches during his first bullpen session last year (1,130 over 6 days). So maybe this isn't a big deal?

I just hope they don't kill his arm.

Incidentally, his goal this year is to try and top 150 km/hr (93 mph).

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(both of the above links are in Japanese)