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NPB: Quick Notes

by on Mar.08, 2008 @ 10:36 am, under NPB

Just a quick and short update since I need to hit the sack soon...

Koji Uehara... will be competing for a spot in the rotation this season after being a closer for most of 2007. He's working on the shuto this season and it appears as though he's looking to make that his out pitch. In his exhibition start against the Fighters tonight, Uehara went 5 innings and gave up a run on four hits.

Ryo Nakata... went 0-for-1 (1 strikeout) in the game. I can't remember who was pitching, but I do remember that they kept going away. Looks like that could be his weak spot.

Kouhei Hasebe... suffered a minor injury when a ball struck his left knee during an exhibition game against the Lotte Marines on March 2. The swelling and pain didn't go away and he was immediately taken in for an examination. It appears there is some damage in his meniscus.

The chief trainer has announced that they will check his progress over the next 2-3 weeks and that surgery is still a possibility. If Hasebe undergoes surgery, it could mean 4 months. Nomura (the manager) must not be happy.

Incidentally, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned Hasebe in any of my blog posts, but he was supposed to help anchor the rotation with Tanaka -- the future numbers 1 and 2, if you will.

Jeremy Powell... during a press conference announcing his contract with the Hawks, said that he's just glad that it's all over and that he excited he can now concentrate on helping the team out. I'm still a little confused at what happened and how he got away without having to serve any sort of suspension. I guess the league commissioner must have felt that Powell really had no clue what he was doing when the Buffaloes faxed him those papers to sign.