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NPB: 2008 Initial All-Star Rosters Announced

by on Jul.07, 2008 @ 8:13 am, under NPB

The NPB has announced the fan and player voted All Star Rosters for 2008.

Central League
SP Ken Takahashi        Hiroshima Carp (3.03 ERA, 6-4)
MR Tomoyuki Kubota      Hanshin Tigers (3.26 ERA, 26 H)
CL Kyuji Fujikawa       Hanshin Tigers (0.74 ERA, 27 SV)
C  Abe Shinnosuke       Yomiuri Giants (.262, 32 RBI)
1B Takahiro Arai        Hanshin Tigers (.329, 57 RBI)
1B Tyrone Woods*        Chunichi Dragons (.278, 19 HR)
2B Akihiro Higashide    Hiroshima Carp (.354, 38 R)
2B Masahiro Araki*      Chunichi Dragons (.256, 36 R)
3B Shuichi Murata       Yokohama Bay Stars (.280, 19 HR)
SS Hayato Sakamoto      Yomiuri Giants (.241, 29 R)
SS Hirokazu Ibata*      Chunichi Dragons (.284, 32 R)
OF Norichika Aoki       Yakult Swallows (.349, 40 R)
OF Tomonori Maeda       Hiroshima Carp (.243, 23 RBI)
OF Tomoaki Kanemoto     Hanshin Tigers (.344, 64 RBI)
OF Arex Ramirez*        Yomiuri Giants (.324, 23 HR)

Pacific League
SP Yu Darvish           Ham Fighters (1.93 ERA, 9-3)
MR Hisashi Takeda       Nippon Ham Fighers (2.61 ERA, 15 H)
CL Daisuke Kato         Orix Buffaloes (2.14 ERA, 17 SV)
C  Toru Hosokawa        Seibu Lions (.228, 43 RBI)
1B Hiroki Kokubo        Softbank Hawks (.268, 14 HR)
1B Nobuhiko Matsunaka*  Softbank Hawks (.330, 14 HR)
2B Kensuke Tanaka       Ham Fighters (.313, 53 R)
2B Yasuyuki Kataoka*    Seibu Lions (.282, 30 SB)
3B Takeya Nakamura      Seibu Lions (.241, 18 HR)
SS Munenori Kawasaki    Softbank Hawks (.315, 43 R)
OF G.G. Sato            Seibu Lions (.318, 19 HR)
OF Atsunori Inaba       Ham Fighers (.313, 54 RBI)
OF Hiroshi Tsubahara    Softbank Hawks (.294, 31 RBI)
DH Tuffy Rhodes         Orix Buffaloes (.279, 23 HR)
DH Takeshi Yamasaki*    Rakuten Eagles (.287, 41 RBI)

*denotes player voted individuals

G.G. Sato was the overall player of choice for the fans (367,837) and players (476). Yu Darvish was the pitcher of choice for the fans (273,217) and players (386).

The final rosters, which will include picks by the managers, will be announced on July 14th.

The NPB 2008 Mazda All-Star series will take play on July 31st at Kyocera Stadium and August 1st at Yokohama Stadium. Both games will start at 6:10pm.

0 comments on “NPB: 2008 Initial All-Star Rosters Announced

  1. knucklehead7

    The Eagles didn’t have a single guy get voted into the game by the fans after having quite a few last season.

  2. Gwynar

    Takeshi Yamasaki got voted in as a DH by the players. And I’m guessing Hisashi Iwakuma (12-2, 2.07 ERA) and Masahiro Tanaka (6-5, 3.14) will be picked up by the manager. There’s also players like Rick Short (.340, 44 RBI) and Jose Fernandez (.302, 61 RBI) who have a shot. I’d really be surprised if Yamasaki ends up being the only Eagle rep.

    But you’re right. Last season Tanaka (SP), Akira Matsumoto (MR), Kazuo Fukumori (CL), Motohiro Shima (C), Yosuke Takasu (2B), Koichi Isobe (OF), Tsuchiya Teppei (OF), and Yamasaki (DH) were all voted in by fans. But that may have had something to do with the fact that they played one of the games at Miyagi Stadium (now Kleenex Stadium).