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Team Japan: Final Baseball Rosters Announced

by on Jul.17, 2008 @ 5:05 am, under Other

Senichi Hoshino announced the finals rosters for Team Japan 2008.

Manager / Coaches
Manager                   Senichi Hoshino
Batting Coach             Tabuchi Kouichi
Fielding & Running Coach  Kouji Yamamoto
Pitching Coach            Yutaka Ohno

Koji Uehara         Yomiuri Giants
Kenshin Kawakami    Chunichi Dragons
Hitoki Iwase        Chunichi Dragons
Kyuji Fujikawa      Hanshin Tigers
Yu Darvish          Nippon Ham Fighters
Yoshihisa Naruse    Lotte Marines
Tsuyoshi Wada       Softbank Hawks
Toshiya Sugiuchi    Softbank Hawks
Masahiro Tanaka     Rakuten Golden Eagles
Hideaki Wakui       Seibu Lions

Shinnosuke Abe      Yomiuri Giants
Akihiro Yano        Hanshin Tigers
Tomoya Satozaki     Lotte Marines

Masahiro Araki      Chunichi Dragons
Takahiro Arai       Hanshin Tigers
Shuichi Murata      Yokohama Bay Stars
Shinya Miyamoto     Yakult Swallows
Tsuyoshi Nishioka   Lotte Marines
Munenori Kawasaki   Softbank Hawks
Hiroyuki Nakajima   Seibu Lions

Masahiko Morino     Chunichi Dragons
Norichika Aoki      Yakult Swallows
Atsunori Inaba      Nippon Ham Fighters
Takahiko (GG) Sato  Seibu Lions

I'll see if I can post some stats up a little later.

0 comments on “Team Japan: Final Baseball Rosters Announced

  1. knucklehead7

    A lot of these guys are on the various leader boards of both leagues. Kawakami(2.21) is leading the Central League in ERA, and Darvish(1.93) is leading the Pacific League. Nakajima, Sato, Aoki, Arai, etc. are having good years with the bats as well. I would think they would have to be one of the favorites to win the gold.

  2. Gwynar

    It almost seems a little unfair…

    That said, it’ll be interesting to see how they play. The media over here keeps on hyping up the event like there’s no tomorrow. The whole revenge plot line has been established and Team Japan is apparently on a mission to win what they were supposed to win during the Olympics in Athens 4 years ago.

    It’s all kind of silly though. If there’s one sport that can’t really be judged in a short series, it’s baseball. And in the case of the Olympics, it’s all just a bunch of 1-offs over a course of what, 7 games? Teams can easily go on torrid streaks that last that long.

    Scheduling 3-5 games serieses is probably asking to much, but if you really want to know which teams are good, you certainly need more than 1 game against a piece.