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Darvish arrives at ballpark with buzz cut

by on Aug.15, 2008 @ 9:50 am, under Other

As I mentioned in the Japan vs. Netherlands post, Darvish arrived at the ballpark today with a buzz cut.

NikkanSports is reporting that Yu Darvish arrived at the ballpark with a buzz cut. It is customary in Japan to do this when you're either expressing sorrow / remorse (a la Tomohiro Nioka of the Giants after being caught in an extra marital affair), or if you're trying to get yourself psyched for a big event.

If anyone is interested, here's a screen cap I lifted from the broadcast:

Could SimCentral be the first site to carry this image?

UPDATE 8/16/2008 2:44PM JST: Daily Sports mentions that quite a few people on the team were surprised that Darvish got the buzz cut (Shinya Miyamoto was quoted as saying, "You're kidding right?"). Pitching Coach Yutaka Ohno apparently wasn't as surprised based on Darvish's lackluster performance against Cuba.

The article also mentions that Hideaki Fukui and Munenori Kawasaki were the ones that gave Darvish the buzz cut after lunch yesterday.

The article also provides a nice still shot of Darvish sporting his new style.

Incidentally, Masahiro Tanaka, Munenori Kawasaki and Abe Shinnosuke have also joined in and gotten buzz cuts (Tanaka got his yesterday along with Darvish I think).

Tanaka's buzz cut

3 comments on “Darvish arrives at ballpark with buzz cut

  1. Gwynar

    I’m guessing that losing to Cuba was also factor. But then Masahiro Tanaka also got a buzz cut (from what I hear, it seems the two are fairly close).

  2. Gwynar

    2,000+ views on YouTube so far.

    BTW: I just realized that the video appears a bit sped up. Strange because it looked fine when I first uploaded it.

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