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Katsuya Nomura throws his name into the ring for WBC manager

by on Aug.27, 2008 @ 4:58 am, under WBC

In re-reading some of the articles, I have found that I jumped the gun on Nomura wanting to be manager.

Nomura has not stated that he wants to be the manager, but has instead stated that he wouldn't mind being the head coach. There was no such position for the Olympics, as far as I know. As head coach, Nomura feels he'd be able to help Hoshino select players for the roster and keep them on their toes.

My apologies for the mistake.


A number of sports newspapers are reporting that Rakuten Golden Eagles manager, Katsuya Nomura (野村克也) has offered to manage Team Japan at the World Baseball Classic next year.

Prior to the Olympics, it was almost understood that Senichi Hoshino (星野仙一) would be at the helm for Japan at the WBC next season, but after a disappointing showing at Beijing, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him replaced. The NPB Baseball Team Chairman, Watanabe Tsuneo (渡邉恒雄), was earlier quoted as saying "Who else is there? Hoshino may have his issues, and he may have made some mistakes, but who else is there? I really don't know of anyone else. Do you know of anyone that commands as much respect as Hoshino? If you do, please let me know." Not exactly a sparkling (or confidence building) recommendation if you ask me.

While Nomura has been quite critical of Hoshino over the last few days, he claims that he's only trying to give out some advice that might be useful moving forward. Whether or not Nomura is seriously throwing his name into the hat is unknown. When he was asked about managing the WBC team during an interview with Sadaharu Oh (王貞治), he didn't appear to be interested.

When asked about who Nomura might select if given the opportunity to manage at the WBC, he said "My clean-up batter will be Nobuhiko Matsunaka (松中信彦) and my catcher will be Motohiro Shima (嶋基宏)."

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3 comments on “Katsuya Nomura throws his name into the ring for WBC manager

  1. knucklehead7

    Hasn’t Nomura made somewhat inappropriate comments in the past?

    Do you think Nomura would be a better choice than Hoshino?

  2. Gwynar

    I made a mistake in my translation that I didn’t catch until just now.

    Nomura still isn’t interested in being a manager but wouldn’t mind being a head coach to help advise Hoshino.

    I think it’s highly unlikely that Hoshino gets replaced at this point. There’s only what, 6 months until the WBC? Changing managers now would probably cause a lot of confusion and probably wouldn’t give the new manager a fair chance at getting everything they needed together. I think a lot of fans are also interested in seeing Hoshino get another shot (read: revenge) at coaching Team Japan. Many also think that he won’t make the same mistakes next time around.

    Incidentally, I was watching a program on TV earlier today that mentioned one of the big problems with Hoshino is that he’s a player’s manager. In other words, he’ll continue giving players a chance even if they fail (kind of like Joe Torre I suppose). Over the course of a long season, that’s not really a problem, but in a short series, you can’t really do that.

    This problem also seems to have bitten Hoshino with picking players that weren’t quite 100% healthy. If I’m remembering things correctly, he essentially asked Kawasaki and Inaba if they wanted to go to the Olympics despite their minor injuries. They both said they did and the rest is history.

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