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Valetine was asked to resign by a Marines official

by on Sep.05, 2008 @ 2:19 pm, under NPB

I was about to call it a night when another headline caught my attention.

Apparently, Bobby Valentine was asked to resign.

"I was asked by someone in the front office to resign. ... On the (19th) of July. I thought everybody knew about that. It seemed everybody knew about that. All my coaches knew, all the minor league knows, I figured the press would know too."

Team owner Takeo Shigemitsu (重光武雄) has apparently asked Valentine to stay with the team. However, it appears as though Valentine won't be interested in a one-year contract.

"But if all that I am being offered is a one-year contract and then they want me to leave after that year, or they want me to leave after this year, then I'll try to do something else. Of course I'll repeat it again, I would love to stay here for a very long time."

Valentine's name has been mentioned, along with others, as a potential candidate to replace Senichi Hoshino (星野仙一) as manager of Team Japan for the World Baseball Classic next year.

I, for one, hope he decides to stay. Whether that's as manager of the Lotte Marines, or some other team, it doesn't really matter. IMHO, I think he's done a lot of good for the game of baseball in Japan. The fact that his name is even mentioned as a possible candidate to replace Hoshino goes to show you just how much respect the man has over here.

The Japan Times - Valentine: Marines official asked me to resign in late July

5 comments on “Valetine was asked to resign by a Marines official

  1. knucklehead7

    I don’t think it would take long for him to get another job, whether it be in the States or in Japan. I wonder what the issue with the unnamed front office member may have been.

  2. Gwynar

    I have no idea. The article appears to mention something about someone making comments to the press, which then seemed to trigger someone in the office to ask him to resign. I have no idea what those comments were — at least I don’t remember hearing anything about them.

    But at the same time, I’m not all that surprised to hear of rumors that he might be fired. If the team continues to play at it’s current pace, it might end up being Valentine’s second losing season since the Marines won it all in 2005.

    You’re right though, he probably won’t have much of any difficulty finding a job if he gets fired.

  3. knucklehead7

    Do you think Agbayani will be back? It looks like he has less than 300 at-bats this season and only about four homeruns.

  4. Gwynar

    Haven’t really heard much on Agbayani. He’s suffered quite a few minor injuries over the last few years. At his age, my guess is that his body hasn’t been able to keep up with all the bumps and bruises.

    He’s a fairly popular player, but he’s also turning 38 at the end of the year. I don’t think he’ll be back with the Marines next season. That’s just my gut feeling though.

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