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Will there be any teams interested in Koji Uehara?

by on Oct.06, 2008 @ 12:15 pm, under NPB

Yukan Fuji is reporting that the New York Mets and Seattle Mariners may have an interest Koji Uehara. Isao Oojimi, Mets' Far East Scouting Director, is said to be interested in the righty and will be paying close attention to him during the Climax Series.

Scouts in Japan don't think Uehara is as effective as he used to be. He's the type of pitcher that relies on his legs for power, but after suffering hamstring injuries in both legs over his career, he hasn't been able to push off his legs as much as he used to. At this point, Kenshin Kawakami might be a better candidate. But there's still some uncertainty as to whether or not any MLB teams would be interested in his services -- some feel he wouldn't be able to handle the rigors of starting every 5th day. Kawakami has also said that he wants to go to a team on the East Coast. Incidentally, there are also rumors that the Giants may be interested in Kawakami to fill in for Uehara.

Uehara may also have some competition from Hitoki Iwase. Iwase will probably market himself as a setup man or closer. But again, the question will be whether or not there's any interest in him in the Majors. After his blow-ups at the Olympics, MLB teams may be a little weary of signing him.

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  1. Gwynar

    He’s actually done a pretty good job. His ERA is currently 3.81. As late as mid-July it was around the 6 mark.

    I’m currently revising a Uehara article that I’ve been meaning to publish since before the Olympics. I’ll have all his numbers from 2008 in there.