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PL Climax Series R2 G3: Fighters beat Lions, 7-4; Series tied at 2.

by on Oct.19, 2008 @ 12:33 am, under NPB

Today's starting pitchers

Seibu Lions
Kazuyuki Hoashi 帆足和幸

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
27  11  6   0  3    3   724  174.2  169  13  38   5   115  5   0   59  51  2.63

Nippon Ham Fighters
Masaru Takeda 武田勝

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
20  8   7   0  1    0   493  121.2  110  18  19   5   68   1   0   44  40  2.96

The game is set to start at 2pm at Seibu Dome.

1:29PM UPDATE: The Fighters have taken a 1-run lead in the second inning after Botts drove in Koyano on third. It was a dribbler toward third and Nakamura rushed his throw and pulled Hirao off the bag at first (E5). Going back a bit further... Koyano lead off the inning with a controversial double -- it was a hit down the first base line that the ump initially called foul and then reversed to fair. The Lions weren't happy with the call and it ended up costing them a run.

1:58PM UPDATE: Top of the third - Sledge just hit a HUGE 3-run homer off Hoashi into the leftfield stands (out where all the Fighter's fans are). The score is now 5-0 (the Fighters also managed to score a run before the 3-run homer in the same inning).

2:33PM UPDATE: Koyano just made a great diving stab at third with runners on first and third. It would have surely been at least a double and 2 runs if the ball got past Koyano. Instead only one run scored and Koyano threw out the batter-runner at first. The score is now 5-1 in the bottom of the 5th. Incidentally, Nakamura lead off the inning with a single and advanced to second on the bobble (E8) by Hichori. Hirao then followed with a single.

2:33PM UPDATE: A double by Akada just plated another run. Tadano is now warming in the Fighters' bullpen.

2:53PM UPDATE: Tadano is taken out of the game after giving up a walk and a HBP to start the bottom of the 6th. This is a really important game for the Fighters: they lose and they're done 3-2 in the series, they win and they tie the series at 2. Hisashi Takeda is now in to pitch.

3:03PM UPDATE: Nakamura just hit a sac fly to score Kuriyama on third (walked by Tadano). Score is now 5-3.

3:33PM UPDATE: Top of the 8th, K. Tanaka just hit an RBI triple to give the Fighters a 6-3 lead (Hichori was on base).

3:37PM UPDATE: Lions are doing some micro-managing now. They brought in Mitsui to face Tanaka (gave up a first pitch triple), Okada to face Koyano (strike out), and now they have Hoshino on the mound to face Sledge.

4:04PM UPDATE: Fighters score another run on a squeeze bunt by Iiyama with runners on the corner and 1 out in the top of the 9th. Iiyama ended up safe at first because Hosokawa had a tough time picking up the ball to make the play at first (Takahashi was already more or less at home by the time Hosokawa got to the ball so there was no chance to get him).

4:42PM UPDATE: Fighters beat the Lions, 7-4. The series is now tied at 2. Tomorrow is an off day. I'll be posting the box scores a little later.

UPDATE: Box score has been uploaded.

3 comments on “PL Climax Series R2 G3: Fighters beat Lions, 7-4; Series tied at 2.

  1. knucklehead7

    With Darvish set to go one more time, I would think those other two games are crucial for the Lions. Not that they can’t beat Darvish, but I can’t imagine feeling confident about it if it comes down to that.

  2. Gwynar

    Darvish will probably start Game 6.

    Assuming 4 days rest:

    Game 1: Glynn / Series: 2-0
    Game 2: Darvish / Series 2-1
    Game 3: Takeda / Series 2-2
    Day off
    Game 4: ??
    Game 5: ??
    Game 6: Darvish?
    Game 7: ??

    Game 4 and 5 will be crucial, and this is exactly why I thought it would have been better for Darvish to pitch in the first game. But then who knows if the Fighters would have been able to tie the series at 2 if Darvish pitches the first game?

    The Lions need to win one of the next two games, otherwise it’s most likely over (unless Darvish has a bad day).

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