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Sadaharu Oh’s response to Ichiro’s comments

by on Oct.20, 2008 @ 11:45 am, under WBC

I was just watching a short sports segment and they aired bits of an Q&A session Oh had with the press earlier today. In it, he basically talked about how the Commissioner doesn't want to drag out the selection process for the WBC manager and that a decision will most likely be made during the next meeting on the 27th.

A reporter then asked Oh what he thought of Ichiro's comment regarding not picking an active manager and he replied by saying he understood what Ichiro was getting at, but that in the end, there's no such thing as a perfect candidate.

My gut feeling is that Ichiro's comments will make the selection process a little more complicated. And I think it also brings back the possibility of an active manager getting picked.

Which active manager?

Nomura, for one, but I'm not really sure where he is on this any more. Plus, he'll most likely be retiring at the end of 2009 and may want to focus all his energy on the upcoming season.

In the end, it might just end up going to Hoshino because there simply is, no one else.

2 comments on “Sadaharu Oh’s response to Ichiro’s comments

  1. Gwynar

    It would certainly seem like that would be the easiest way out.

    Seriously though, I’m not sure if there are any active Japanese players that command as much respect as Ichiro does, right now. He’s basically the pride of Japan. I don’t know if I’d be going out on a limb if I were to say that some people consider him a National Treasure.

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