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Yukan Fuji asks: How long before Darvish goes to the Majors

by on Oct.21, 2008 @ 8:53 am, under NPB

Darvish has continually said that he has no interest in going to the Majors, but Yukan Fuji recently pondered, "How much longer before he decides to go to the Majors?"

In 2006, Darvish won 12 games and saw his salary go up from 3,000-man yen (US$296,340) to 7,200-man yen (US$711,216). Last year, he won 15 games and saw his salary rocket up to 2-oku yen (US$1.9M). And this season, Darvish racked up 16 wins during the regular season and recently tossed a CG shut-out against the Lions. That could end up costing the Fighters 3-oku yen (US$2.9M) for 2009.

The source Yukan Fuji has spoken to feels that it wouldn't be out of the realm of impossibility for Darvish's salary to hit the 10-oku yen (US$9.8M) range within the next few years, a sum the Fighters most likely wouldn't be able to pay. The thought here is that the Fighters may entertain offers from MLB clubs before that can happen (and assuming Darvish decides he suddenly wants to go Stateside).

Terry Collins (ex-manager for the Orix Buffaloes) said that he wouldn't be surprised if he fetched upwards of 77-oku yen (US$77M) in the Majors and that he could easily see Darvish as a top flight starter (somewhere between 1-3).

From the sounds of this particular article, it almost seems like Darvish will be "forced" to go to the States in order to get his money's worth.

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0 comments on “Yukan Fuji asks: How long before Darvish goes to the Majors

  1. Gwynar

    That’s really a tough question. Darvish did have a good season (on par with his other seasons), but Iwakuma’s season was pretty amazing as well. Consider these things:

    Iwakuma won 21 of the teams 65 games. He led the NPB in innings pitched with 201.2 (Darvish ended up in second with 200.2). Iwakuma also led the NPB with a 1.87 ERA (Darvish finished in second here as well with a 1.88 ERA).

    All that said, Darvish does have one number that impresses: a 0.90 WHIP (Iwakuma’s is 0.98).

    I’d personally like to see Iwakuma get it, but Darvish is just as deserving I think.