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Nomura: Let Ichiro be a player-manager

by on Oct.24, 2008 @ 5:55 am, under WBC

I'm in the middle of something else so I can't get into this fully, but Yukan Fuji is reporting that Nomura said Hoshino shouldn't have had to bow out and then basically said that if Ichiro is going to talk the talk, then he should walk the walk and become a player-manager at the WBC (paraphrased, of course).

"Hoshino should not have been forced to resign. After all, it was only a proposal at the time. And Ichiro can be a player-manager, if he's only going to try and cause a ruckus."

-Katsuya Nomura

The article also goes on to mention that the winner of the Nippon Series may ultimately go on to lead Team Japan at the WBC. That would leave Hara of the Yomiuri Giants, Ochiai of the Chunichi Dragons, and Watanabe of the Seibu Lions in the mix.

"The least controversial of choices would be picking the manager that wins the Nippon Series."

-Sadaharu Oh

"I think the winner of the Nippon Series will end up becoming the manager."

-Katsuya Nomura

"Perhaps the winner of the Nippon Series will be the best choice."

-Shigeru Takada

With all these late-breaking developments, there's a good chance that a decision will not be made on the 27th.

(Sounds like someone in Japan heard you Mak.)

Meanwhile, Jiji Press is reporting that Ochiai mentioned Nomura's name when asked of his opinion on the WBC Manager situation.

"If you're talking about active managers with the most baseball knowledge, that would be Nomu-san."

-Hiromitsu Ochiai

野村Vsイチロー?!Â…WBC監督問題で新場外バトル Yukan Fuji

落合監督、WBCは「野村さんがいい」=プロ野球 Jiji Press

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  1. Gwynar

    Hasegawa would be an interesting choice. I never thought of him for some reason, but he’s been fairly active in baseball circles over here (at least he’s been involved with the broadcast crew for MLB games).

    With his major league background, he’d bring experience to the table that other potential candidates don’t have. And I would think his experience in the booth has given him an opportunity to view the game on a much wider scale.

    Shige would certainly be an interesting option. But I get the feeling right now, most fans are thinking either Nomura or the winner of the Nippon Series.