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NPB News and Notes from 10/29 (UPDATED 2:34pm JST)

by on Oct.29, 2008 @ 12:23 am, under NPB

I figured I'd go ahead and start a blog post with news topics and then update it throughout the day, instead of writing them out all at once.

Nikkan Sports: The Dragons will wait until after the draft to decide what they will do with Tyrone Woods.

Sports Hochi: The various baseball organizations of Japan met on the 28th to discuss the new rules the NPB is trying to introduce in order to stem the flow of young players going to the Majors. The amateur, high school, and college groups all feel that imposing a rule that would prevent youngsters, opting to go to the majors first, from being able to immediately participate in the NPB on their return, could ultimately create more problems in the long-run.

Sports Hochi: Akihira Higashide will most likely be returning to the Carp next season. He met with team officials on 28th to discuss his future and the team was said to have presented both 1-year and multi-year frameworks for contracts. Their next meetings will probably take place in early November.

Sports Hochi: Ryota Igarashi met with Yakult club officials yesterday and it appears as though the two sides are making progress towards an agreement. They are currently discussing a multi-year contract that could keep Igarashi in a Swallows uniform for 3 or more years.

Sports Hochi: Akinobu Mayumi says that he may Tomoyuki Kubota a starter next season. He has been used as a reliever for most of his career and is / was considered one of the major foundations of the Hanshin bullpen (often called the JFK trio - Jeff Williams, Kyuji Fujikawa, and Tomoyuku Kubota).

Sports Hochi: Kazuya Fukuchi may be leaning towards staying with the Lotte Marines.

Sports Hochi: Mitsutaka Goto will be getting his old number 1 back. Terry Collins was given the number when he became manager of the Buffaloes in 2007, but with his departure during the season this year, the number was made available again and the club has offered it back to Goto (who was wearing number 24).

Sports Hochi: The Dragons may put off negotiations with Kenshin Kawakami until sometime in December. This could open up the possibility of the Dragons not offering a contract to Kawakami before he makes his decision as to whether or not he goes to the Majors. The Dragons, however, aren't looking at this as a bad thing.

Daily Sports: Nishiguchi Fumiya (Seibu Lions) may be ready to return to the mound during the Nippon Series. He strained his left thigh during a game against the Rakuten Eagles earlier this month.

WBC News:
Shoitsu Oomatsu (Lotte Marines) wants to be on the WBC team. As does Masahiro Tanaka.

Draft News:
The Seibu Lions appear to be moving towards deciding on Yuta Nakazawa (中崎雄太) as their number 1 pick (Daily Sports). He is a lefty that is 170cm tall and weighs 72kg. Nakazawa throws a fastball, slider, curve, and shuto. He tops out at 145km/h. (Draft Reports - Japanese) YouTube

The Lotte Marines are trying to keep their choices under wraps (Daily Sports).

The Yokohama Bay Stars have apparently managed to get their choices down to 4 players. Those players include Shingo Tatsumi 巽真悟 (College; P; Bats R; Throws L; 182cm; 67kg; 149km/h; fastball, curve, slider, forkball, and cutter; YouTube - Draft Reports), Hiromi Oota 大田泰示 (College; INF/P; Bats R; Throws R; 188cm; 90kg; 147km/h; YouTube - Draft Reports), Katsuki Akagawa 赤川克紀 (High School; P; Bats: L; Throws R; 184cm; 88kg; 147km/h; fastball, curve, slider, and forkball - Draft Reports), and Keijiro Matsumoto 松本啓二朗 (College; OF; Bats L; Throws L; 180cm; 78kg; YouTube - Draft Reports).

The Yakult Swallows also appear interested in Katsuki Akagawa (Daily Sports).