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NPB News and Notes from 11/1

by on Oct.31, 2008 @ 6:55 pm, under NPB

Sports Hochi: Some more quotes from Hisayoshi Chono... Immediately after being drafted by Lotte: "I haven't been able to gather my thoughts yet. And I don't want to meet them [Lotte] unless when I'm wavering inside." And at some point later on: "I still haven't really figured out what I want to do yet. I need a little more time."

Sports Hochi: The Nippon Series kicks off today and Hiroyuki Nakajima is looking forward to playing at the Dome. During batting practice yesterday, Nakajima was heard saying things like, "Woah, I didn't swing all that hard and the ball went flying!" and "I don't need to make full cuts in order to hit home runs here; maybe I'll come up with a new approach."

Sports Hochi: The Yakult Swallows intend to get their first pick, Katsuki Akagawa, started with the rest of the ichi-gun players during the fall practice session. When asked what he thought about starting at ichi-gun: "I think I've proven that I can throw the ball during my outings at the Koshien. And during this summer's preliminaries, I threw a lot. Starting [my pro career] at ichi-gun for the fall practice session? As long as my body says I'm ok, of course!"

Sports Hochi: Katsuya Nomura is ready to give the new WBC manager whatever help and support he needs, even his top two starters: Masahiro Tanaka and Hisashi Iwakuma.

Sports Hochi: The Dragons will be making a final decision on Tyrone Woods on the 4th. Ochiai also said that they are planning on moving Masahiko Morino from CF to 3B and Norihiro Nakamura from 3B to 1B. This may ultimately mean that the Dragons are prepared to depart from the Woods era, since it wouldn't seem likely that he'd want to battle it out with Nakamura for starting time at first.

Sponichi: The managers and top coaches from the Giants and Lions met yesterday to discuss basic rules governing the upcoming Nippon Series. One of the main topics of discussion was whether or not to require either team to made advanced announcements on starters when playing at Seibu Dome (PL teams generally make advanced announcements on starters while CL teams aren't required to). Tatsunori Hara said he wouldn't mind announcing his starters ahead of time, but felt that his team would have more to gain by knowing which pitcher the Lions would be starting.

Sponichi: Famed softballer Yukiko Ueno will be throwing out the first pitch tonight at Tokyo Dome. Ken Nishikori will be singing the Japanese National Anthem.

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  1. Gwynar

    None that I know of. I think most people feel sorry for the guy (although I’m sure there are plenty of people that also think he should just sign with the Marines and play-out his 8 years and show the Giants he’s a worth player to sign when he becomes eligible for free agency). It was the same thing when Kiyohara was drafted by the Seibu Lions — he cried during when he realized he wouldn’t be able to go to the Giants. And I think there was a kid that couldn’t go to the team of his choice last season either.

    In most of these cases, the players went on to sign with the teams that drafted them. I don’t know how many cases there have been of players that decided to skip the NPB because they weren’t drafted by the team they wanted to go to though.

  2. knucklehead7

    Valentine comments on the Chono situation:


    Our #2 draft choice is a player with extreme talent, an outfielder would can do many things. He throws well and runs well, he hits for an average and with power, and he plays with a great flair and enthusiasm for the game. And Chono will hopefully be one of our players next year with Chiba Lotte Marines! The problem weÂ’re having is the fact that he said he only wanted to play for the Giants, When I went out to see him after our draft, at the meeting today, he refused to see me, or at least his coach refused. I asked permission to speak with the player. ItÂ’s really weird to see, but IÂ’m sure itÂ’ll be resolved. WeÂ’re very happy with these first 2 picks.