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Nippon Series Game 2: Giants beat the Lions 3-2 on a Ramirez walk-off solo homer

by on Nov.02, 2008 @ 5:20 am, under NPB

Yomiuri Giants
Hisanori Takahashi 高橋尚成

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
23  8   5   0  0    0   518  122.0  127  16  30   5   94   2   0   63  56  4.13

Seibu Lions
Kazuyuki Hoashi 帆足和幸

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
27  11  6   0  3    3   724  174.2  169  13  38   5   115  5   0   59  51  2.63

7:19PM UPDATE: Top of the fourth, Nakajima just hit a 2-run homer. He's really have a great series so far. The Giants really need to figure out a way to pitch to him.

7:46PM UPDATE: Ramirez is up to bat with runners on second and third and 1 out in the bottom of the 5th.

7:50PM UPDATE: Ramirez grounds out for the second out of the inning. He left a runner on third with 2 out in the first, first and second with 2 out in the third, and now second and third with 1 out. He's obviously pressing.

7:51PM UPDATE: Lee walks to load the bases, Tani in the box. Ohnuma is warming in the pen.

7:53PM UPDATE: Ugh, what an awful swing by Tani as he grounds out to end the inning. Looks like the entire lineup is pressing a bit. The fact that they lost yesterday probably isn't helping much.

8:08PM UPDATE: The Lions have a runner on second in the top of the 6th with 1 out and Kuriyama up to bat.

8:09PM UPDATE: Kuriyama strikes out for out number 2. Nakajima is coming up to bat. Takahashi is getting yanked.

8:12PM UPDATE: Nishimura is in for Takahashi.

8:18PM UPDATE: Nishimura managed to retire both Nakajima and Nakamura without giving up a run. Ohnuma is now on the mound for the Lions. Sakamoto leads off for the Giants.

8:25PM UPDATE: Kamei just hit a game-tying 1-run double. Suzuki is now up to bat with a runner on second and 1 out. Giants really need to score that runner on second...

8:42PM UPDATE: Hoshino is now pinching for the Lions in the bottom of the 7th. Ogasawara leads off for the Giants.

8:45PM UPDATE: Ogasawara was just hit in the left-hand (he was striding into the ball). It hit the wrist area straight on and he basically crumpled to the ground. The trainers are taking a look at him right now -- the game is temporarily on-hold.

8:48PM UPDATE: Ogasawara appears to be alright as he jogs out of the dugout over to first. It looks like there's a fairly big bruise on his left wrist.

8:52PM UPDATE: Ramirez grounds out moving Ogasawara to second and Lee strikes out for the first two outs of the innings. The Giants send Ohmichi to pinchi hit for Nishimura. The Lions send Onodera to the mound. Ogasawara is being lifted for a pinch-runner -- his left hand looks pretty bad. Terauchi is running for Ogasawara. (All these changes happening at the same time.)

8:53PM UPDATE: TV Asahi just announced that they'll continue with the broadcast of the game -- they usually show a movie in their 9-11pm time slot.

8:56PM UPDATE: Ohmichi was just hit in the left-hand (he's a right-handed batter that absolutely LOVES to choke up on the bat). Runners on first and second for Sakamoto with 2 outs. Big at bat here for Sakamoto.

9:21PM UPDATE: The Lions will send Kuriyama, Nakajima, and Nakamura to the plate in the top of the 9th. Ochi is still on the mound for the Giants (he was brought in during the 8th).

9:31PM UPDATE: Ogasawara has been sent to the hospital for further testing. The Lions have brought on Okamoto to pitch the 9th. The Giants have Terauchi (in place of Ogasawara), Ramirez, and Lee for the 9th.

9:35 UPDATE: AND THERE IT GOES! Ramirez hits a walk-off solo shot over the left-center field stands.

Giants Win! The series is now tied at 1. Tomorrow is an off-day and game 3 will be at the Seibu Dome.

9:55 UPDATE: You can now view the box score from the game.

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