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Nippon Series Game 3: Giants beat the Lions, 6-4

by on Nov.03, 2008 @ 9:55 pm, under NPB

Some Early Notes
I'm still not sure who the starters are, but it would appear that Tetsuya Utsumi will make the start for the Yomiuri Giants and Kazuhisa Ishii for the Seibu Lions.

Michihiro Ogasawa's status is still unknown for tonight's game. It'll be a big blow if he ends up missing games.

There's a good chance Alex Ramirez will be DH'ing during the games at the Seibu Dome. This would then allow the Giants to field a better defensive outfield of Yoshitomo Tani in LF, Takahiro Suzuki in CF and Yoshiyuki Kamei in RF.

Hisanobu Watanabe (Nabetoradamus, a play on Nostradamus) is telling reporters that he feels the shift to PL rules will only help his team. "The DH rule is in effect, and we have a team that can hit from the bottom-up. I think the momentum will swing in our favor."


Yomiuri Giants
Tetsuya Utsumi 内海哲也

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
29  12  8   0  2    1   772  184.1  166  7   68   7   154  3   0   71  56  2.73

Seibu Lions
Kazuhisa Ishii 石井一久

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
25  11  10  0  1    0   593  135.1  150  16  40  11   108  1   0   78  65  4.32

6:19PM UPDATE: Ogasawara is in the lineup. He's also batting right now with Suzuki on third... Wait, wild pitch, Suzuki scores from third. Giants up, 1-0. Ogasawara pops out for the second out of the inning.

6:52PM UPDATE: Giants now have a 4-0 lead behind Suzuki's 3-run homer in the top of the 2nd.

7:30PM UPDATE: Utsumi is really dealing right now. He made Nakajima look pretty foolish during his last at bat. His slider has a pretty sharp break on it right now.

8:11PM UPDATE: With runners on first and third and one out, Nakajima singles back up the middle. 1 run scores. Pitching change for the Giants as Utsumi leaves the game with runners on first and second with 1 out in the bottom of the 6th. Nishimura comes on to relieve Utsumi.

8:15PM UPDATE: Nakamura just launched a mammoth 3-run shot into the left field stands. Lions now trail by only 1 run. Ramirez's homer in the top of the 6th looms really large now.

9:35PM UPDATE: Giants beat the Lions, 6-4. Ogasawara hit a homer in the 8th for the Giants' 6th run. Kroon closed out the game with a perfect 9th.

UPDATE: Box score from the game now available.

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