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NPB News and Notes from 11/4

by on Nov.03, 2008 @ 9:40 pm, under NPB

NikkanSports: The 2008 Sawamura Award went to Rakuten Eagles' starter, Hisashi Iwakuma. Darvish was reportedly saddened by this since he felt he had just as solid a season.

NikkanSports: Hideo Nomo has been hired by the Orix Buffaloes to be a special pitching instructor for three days beginning on the 12th.

Nikkan Sports: The Lotte Marines have re-signed catcher Tasuku Hashimoto to a 1-year, 7500-man yen deal, up from last season's 3500-man yen.

Nikkan Sports: The Eagles appear to be interested in Brian Falkenborg (AAA Padres).

Sports Hochi: Saburo Ohmura (32) says that if he exercises his FA option, he will most likely give the Majors a shot. "Things will be rough, but that's a given. Minors? Sure. The terms may not be the best, but that's part of what a challenge is all about."

Sports Hochi: Katsuya Nomura will be attending this year's MLB Winter Meetings in Las Vegas (12/8-11). This will be a first for Nomura.

Sports Hochi: The Lotte Marines are taking a look at two new foreigners: Gary Burnham (played for the Taiwan La New Bears this past season and hit .323 with 10 homers and 56 RBI) and Chase Lambin (AAA Albuquerque - Florida Marlins).

Sponichi: Former managers Hisashi Yamada and Tsutomu Ito, along with former coaches Nobuhiro Takashiro and Tsuyoshi Yoda, and Giants Batting Coach Kazunori Shinozuka, and Giants Outfield and Running Coach Koichi Ogata have been picked to help Tatsunori Hara at the WBC. Yamada will most likely become the Pitching Coach; Ito the Catching Coach; Takashiro the Third Base Coach; Yoda an assistant to the Pitching Coach; and both Shinozuka and Ogata will most likely continue on with their Batting and Outfield and Running Coach duties. The official announcement will take place on the 12th.

Sponichi: Some were hoping that Hideki Matsui would be able to play for Japan at the WBC next year, but it appears he may not due his rehab schedule for his left knee. However, the other Matsui -- Kaz -- would love to.

Daily Sports: Daisuke Miura still does not know what he will do. There is a 4-year, 9-oku yen contract on the table from the Yokohama Bay Stars, but apparently money isn't the only issue for Miura.

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  1. knucklehead7

    You were right about Iwakuma winning. They were both incredibly good, and it didn’t seem like you could really go wrong with either one.

  2. Gwynar

    In the end, I think the 20+ wins helped push Iwakuma over the top. That and the fact that he did it for a team like the Eagles.

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