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Nippon Series Game 4: Lions beat the Giants, 5-0

by on Nov.05, 2008 @ 4:12 am, under NPB

Yomiuri Giants
Seth Greisinger

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
31  17  9   0  0    0   842  206.0  201  20  31   9   167  3   0   75  70  3.06

Seibu Lions
Takayuki Kishi 岸孝之

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
26  12  4   0  4    2   695  168.1  151  12  48   5   138  4   0   65  64  3.42

Notes: Big game for the Lions. The Giants are on something of a roll right now and unless the Lions can figure out a way to slow them down in this game, it could end up being a disappointing finish for them.

Key players for the Lions will continue to be the 2, 3, and 4 hitters (Kuriyama, Nakajima, and Nakamura). If the Giants can keep these 3 players off-balance, they'll have a solid shot at beating the Lions again. Ensuring that Nakajima and Nakamura enter the batter's box without any one on will be important.

For the Giants, Ogasawara and Ramirez are the key drivers of the lineup. Lee has been quiet up until now, but he can be streaky and he tends to do well in pressure situations -- the Lions will need to continue pitching carefully to him. Abe in the starting lineup tonight as the DH means the lineup will be that much deeper.

7:05PM UPDATE: Greisinger had something of a rough start, giving up 2 straight hits (single and a double) that led to a run being scored. His second inning of work went much smoother, but he still doesn't seem to have very good control over his curve.

Kishi has been very effective, striking out 4 Giants in 3 innings of work. Unlike Greisinger, his curve is hitting the right spots and keeping the Giants off-balance.

The home plate ump seems to have a fairly small strike zone. There have been some pitches that appeared to be strikes but were called balls.

End of the third inning, Greisinger retires the side in order.

7:24PM UPDATE: A little bit of a scuffle here in the bottom of the 4th, as Greisinger hits Nakajima. Both benches sort of cleared... Nakajima doesn't look too pleased. I wanted to see a replay of the pitch, but they aren't showing one right now.

Nakamura just absolutely KILLED what appeared to be an inside fastball. 2-run bomb for Nakamura gives the Lions a 3-0 lead. Looks like the sleeping giant has awoken.

7:54PM UPDATE: Top of the 6th. Greisinger may have worked his last inning -- he's icing his shoulder in the dugout. The Giants have a runner on first with no out and Suzuki in the batter's box. Kishi is still pitching for the Lions.

8:04PM UPDATE: Greisinger comes back out for the bottom of the 6th. Oh boy... Nakamura just hit his second 2-run homer of the game to give the Lions a 5-0 lead. And out goes Greisinger -- 2 batters too late. The Lions seem to just feast off Greisinger.

8:36PM UPDATE: Kataoka made a really nice play deep in the whole at second to get Kamei at first. The game is now heading into the bottom of the 7th and the Lions still have a 5-0 lead. Tono is on the mound for the Giants.

8:46PM UPDATE: Kataoka was just called out for failing to touch second after running back to first on a fly ball that was caught in left.

The game is in the top of the 8th. Kishi is still pitching for the Lions. After retiring the first two batters, Suzuki gets on base with a single up the middle.

9:02PM UPDATE: Toyoda pitched a perfect 8th for the Giants. Kishi is back out there for the top of the 9th. The Giants will send Ogasawara, Ramirez, and Lee to the plate this inning. Kishi has held the Giants to 4 hits and 9 strike outs.

9:10PM UPDATE: The Giants are down to their final out.

9:12PM UPDATE: Lee grounds out for the final out of the game. Kishi pitches a complete game, 4-hit, shut-out. The series is now tied at 2 games apiece.

UPDATE: Box score is now online.

3 comments on “Nippon Series Game 4: Lions beat the Giants, 5-0

  1. knucklehead7

    It sounds like Kishi came up big and that this has been a good series so far. The games are being shown on the internet, but obviously they’re on pretty late (even for me) over here.

  2. Gwynar

    Kishi really came up big time for the Lions. And now with Wakui set to go tonight, I think the Lions are sitting pretty comfortable. Plus, Nakamura appears to have gotten out of his little funk — he can be a VERY dangerous hitter when he’s on.

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