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Nippon Series Game 6: Lions beat the Giants 4-1

by on Nov.08, 2008 @ 4:15 am, under NPB

Yomiuri Giants
Hisanori Takahashi 高橋尚成

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
23  8   5   0  0    0   518  122.0  127  16  30   5   94   2   0   63  56  4.13

Seibu Lions
Kazuyuki Hoashi 帆足和幸

G   W   L   S  CG  Sho  BF    IP     H   HR  BB  HPB  SO   WP  BK  R   ER  ERA
27  11  6   0  3    3   724  174.2  169  13  38   5   115  5   0   59  51  2.63

Should be an interesting game. I give the Lions the advantage because I think Hoashi has been a better pitcher this season than Takahashi. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean a thing in baseball. I think a lot will also depend on just how healthy Nakajima is and if Nakamura can carry mini-streak into the game.

Nakajima is in the lineup, but not Hosokawa. Ginjiro is the starting catcher for the Lions tonight.

Lee is back in the starting lineup for the Giants and Terauchi is at second.

6:28PM UPDATE: Nakamura is up to bat with runners on first and second with 1 out and a full count. Nakajima is on first and Kuriyama is at second. ... And Nakamura walks to load the bases for Goto. Not a very good start here for Takahashi.

6:31PM UPDATE: Goto pops out for the second out of the inning. Hirao is now up to bat. ... Hirao clears the bases with a double over Ramirez's head. Lions up 3-0.

6:31PM UPDATE: Sato gets an infield single, runners on first and third with 2 outs. Ginjiro is now up to bat (he is the 8th batter to hit in the inning). ... Ginjiro strikes out to end the inning.

7:07PM UPDATE: Kamei just hit an RBI double, giving the Giants their first run of the game (Ramirez and Lee started off the inning with singles). Runners on second and third with no outs in the bottom of the second. ... Sakamoto just hit a tapper back to the mound for the first out of the inning. ... Ohmichi is in the on-deck circle meaning Takahashi's night might be over. ... Tsuruoka grounds out for the second out of the inning. ... Ohmichi is officially in the game which means Takahashi's night is over. ... Ohmichi grounds out to short to end the inning. ... Tono was warming in the top of the second so he might be the one to relieve Takahashi in the third.

7:28PM UPDATE: Suzuki started the bottom of the third with a single but was erased when Terauchi hit into a double play. ... Ogasawara grounds out to end the inning. ... Nice pitching by Hoashi to keep the Giants from having a big inning. He's a ground ball pitcher and it's showing: of the 9 outs he has recorded so far, 1 was on a caught stealing, 1 was on a fly ball, and 6 were on grounders (the remaining out came as a result of a GIDP).

7:44PM UPDATE: Pitching change for the Giants in the top of the 4th: Nishimura is in to relieve Tono. Tono retired the first two batters of the inning but then walked 3 straight batters. Double switch: Kimura takes over second and will bat in the pitcher's spot. Nishimura moves into Terauchi's spot in the lineup ... Goto grounds out to end the inning.

8:01PM UPDATE: Pitching change: Kishi is heading to the mound to relieve Hoashi. Runners on first and third with 1 out in the bottom of the fourth. One thing to keep in mind - he threw 147 pitches on Wednesday and will pitching on 2 days rest. Some defensive movement as well: Bocachica comes off the bench and goes to right and will bat 9th. Sato moves from right to left. Kishi moves into Goto's spot in the lineup. ... Sakamoto lifted a fly to center. It seemed like it might be able to score Ramirez as third, but he held up. Lee advanced to second. ... Tsuruoka up to bat with runners on second and third and 2 out. ... Tsuruoka strikes out to end the inning.

8:16PM UPDATE: Hirao just launched a homer to give the Lions another run -- he now has 4 rbis. Sato just served a single to left. ... Kataoka is up to bat with runners on first and third and 1 out. ... Kataoka hits in to a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning.

8:28PM UPDATE: Giants threatened in their half of the 5th when Suzuki singled with 1 out and then stole second. But Wakiya flew out and Ogasawara struck out to end the inning with Suzuki on third (he advanced on Wakiya's fly out).

9:19PM UPDATE: Giants are threatening in the bottom of the 8th. Runners on first and third with 1 out and Ramirez up to bat. Kishi is still in the game (63 pitches over 4 innings). ... Ramirez pops out to second for the second out of the inning. ... Lee strikes out looking.

9:40PM UPDATE: Kishi is coming back out to pitch the bottom of the 9th. He has tossed 69 pitches over 4.2 innings. Abe is swinging a bat and will most likely pinch-hit for Yamaguchi. At this point, the Giants will be sending Kamei, Yamaguchi, and Kato to the plate. ... Kamei grounds out to short for the first out of the inning. ... Abe is in to pinch hit for Yamaguchi. ... Abe hits a double to right-center. ... Kato singles through the left-side, Abe to third. ... Kimura strikes out swinging for the second out of the inning. ... Suzuki strikes out swinging.

Lions win! They beat the Giants 4-1 behind a gutsy performance by Kishi.

0 comments on “Nippon Series Game 6: Lions beat the Giants 4-1

  1. Gwynar

    The Lions really do have a better team. Their pitching staff is solid, anchored by two young aces (Wakui and Kishi), and their 1-4 in the lineup might very well be the best in the NPB because it combines speed (Kataoka 50 SB and Kuriyama 17 SB), power (Nakajima 21 HR and Nakamura 46 HR), and average (Nakajima .331 and Kuriyama .317).

    The Giants, on the other hand, aren’t quite as well rounded a team as the Lions. They might have the best 3, 4 hitters in the NPB (Ogasawara and Ramirez), but shut those two down and you can more or less control the game. And while the Giants have a pretty good group of relievers, their starters haven’t been very consistent this year. And outside of Utsumi, there’s really no one on the staff like Wakui and Kishi. (Greisinger is nice, but he’s not going to come in and blow the lineup away and toss a complete game.)

  2. Gwynar

    Looks like the Lions will go with Nishiguchi and then turn to the pen as is needed (specifically, Ishii and Wakui). The Giants will probably go with Utsumi. Uehara could be available in the pen.