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Asia Series 2008 (アジアシリーズ2008)

by on Nov.09, 2008 @ 8:24 pm, under NPB

So with the Seibu Lions taking the Nippon Series Championship, the stage is now set for the Asia Series. Here is the current bracket layout:

November 13

Game 1 @ 12:00
Touitsu 7-Eleven Lions (Taipei - CPBL) vs Tenshin Lions (China - CBA)

Game 2 @ 18:00
SK Wyverns (Korea - KBO) vs Seibu Lions (Japan - NPB)

November 14

Game 3 @ 12:00
Tenshin Lions (China - CBA) vs SK Wyverns (Korea - KBO)

Game 4 @ 18:00
Seibu Lions (Japan - NPB) vs Touitsu 7-Eleven Lions (Taipei - CPBL)

November 15

Game 5 @ 12:00
Tenshin Lions (China - CBA) vs Seibu Lions (Japan - NPB)

Game 6 @ 18:00
Touitsu 7-Eleven Lions (Taipei - CPBL) vs SK Wyverns (Korea - KBO)

November 16

Game 7 @ 14:00
Championship Game

Now that I'm seeing this list, I think the Seibu Lions were destined to make it to the Asia Series. That's right, three of the four teams are Lions!

Asia Series Official Site

2 comments on “Asia Series 2008 (アジアシリーズ2008)

  1. Gwynar

    HA! Too bad Samsung out of the KBO didn’t make it, then all four teams could have been Lions!

    Actually, I think the Samsung Lions got to the preliminaries by eliminating the Lotte Giants (how’s that for another coincidence!) via a 3-game sweep, but the Doosan Bears managed to take the semi-finals by winning 4 out of 6. Of course, we know the outcome of the Championship Series: the SK Wyverns beat out the Dooson Bear 4 games to 1.

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