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NPB News and Notes from 11/10

by on Nov.09, 2008 @ 7:52 pm, under NPB

Sponichi: Hisanori Takahashi appears to be leaning towards staying with the Giants. "We just got finished here and I haven't really gotten around to thinking about what I'll be doing. There are too many things left unfinished here." Yoshitomo Tani was also asked what his plans were and he simply said, "Which way I'm leaning? I have no idea."

Sponichi: The Giants appear to be leaning towards giving Giants manager Tatsunori Hara a 3-year extension.

Sponichi: Seung-Yeop Lee is planning to inform the KBO that he does not want to participate in next year's WBC. He also has missed out on an opportunity to try out for the Majors next season. His contract will only allow him the chance if the team wins the Championship Series. He still has 2 more years remaining on his 4 year contract.

Sponichi: Koji Uehara appears ready to begin his journey as a MLB pitcher. If everything goes smoothly, he may fly with his family to the States before the end of the month. Uehara has said that he would like to play for a team that does not have any Japanese players on the roster.

Sponichi: Kenshin Kawakami may be announcing his intentions to try out for the Majors as early as today. The Dragons appear resigned to letting Kawakami go without much of a fight -- according to reports, they won't even try negotiating a contract with him. Daily Sports is reporting that Kawakami could also sign with another NPB team.

Sponichi: Ryota Igarashi initially wanted a multi-year deal plus bonuses and an out option to the Majors, but after talks broke down with the Swallows, he has switched gears and is now pushing for a 1-year deal.

Sponichi: Saburo Ohmuma getting cold feet? After stating his desires to try out for the Majors, Saburo appears to be backtracking a bit. "I still haven't decided with 100% certainty what I'd like to do. Things can change. I'd like to arrive at a final decision within the next 2-3 days."

Sponichi: Ryan Glynn won't be returning to the Fighters next season. Contact talks broke down after neither side could come to an agreement on the final value of the contract. The Fighters felt Glynn's performance warranted a cut of up to 50% (he made 1-oku 4,000-man yen this season) while Glynn felt otherwise.

Sponichi: So Taguchi has managed to get to the World Series 3 times over the last 5 seasons, and twice he has been on the winning team. Here's the kicker: a rumor suggests that perhaps the Cubs could use Taguchi to break their curse.

Sponichi: You can throw the Tigers onto the list of teams interested in Junichi Tazawa.

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    Nice link Mike. Thanks.

    BTW: it was a little strange to hear the name "Gen" in the article. It isn’t really a very "popular" name so I’m always taken aback when someone else has it.

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