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NPB News and Notes from 11/11 (last updated: 10:51PM EST)

by on Nov.10, 2008 @ 9:24 pm, under NPB

Sponichi: Koji Uehara is rumored to have a potential suitor in the Baltimore Orioles. Andy MacPhail is quoted as saying, "The Rays are our model for next season. They signed Iwamura and he became a central piece to their team. And what our team needs right now, is veteran leadership."

Sponichi: Hisanori Takahashi might be looking to try his hand in the Majors next season. When negotiating his contract this season with the Giants, he asked that they keep it to a one year deal.

Sponich: Jon Deeble, Red Sox scouting coordinator for the Pacific Rim, will apparently be visiting Japan shortly to check out Junichi Tazawa. Negotiations with the Red Sox could be begin as early as the 23rd, when the amateur championships end. According to initial reports, Deeble will attend Tazawa's start on the 20th and will personally join in on the contract discussions.

Sports Hochi: Kenshin Kawakami still does not know what he intends to do. In a recent blog post, Kawakami says that understands everyone's concern about where he will be playing next season, but that he's still in the process of considering all his options. Dragons club president Junnosuke Nishikawa says, "If he requests to meet us, we'll meet. But otherwise, we won't be approaching him."

Sports Hochi: Akihiro Higashide announced that he will be remaining with the Hiroshima Carp. The contract: 4 years at 1-oku yen a year, plus bonuses.

Sports Hochi: The Hanshin Tigers are taking a look at Kevin Mench. They also have an interest in Kenshin Kawakami and Daisuke Miura, should he decide to stay in Japan.

Sports Hochi: It was learned the the Chiba Lotte Marines are delaying their announcement of signed players from the 2008 draft. They were originally planning to release this information on December 7th, but decided that they will push that back to the 14th in order to give them more time with Hisayoshi Chono. Sponichi is also reporting that Chono intends to meet with Lotte reps once the amateur championship are over.

Sankei Sports: The Giants and Fighters might be looking to make a deal. The Giants would send Tomohiro Nioka and Masanori Hayashi to the Fighters for Micheal Nakamura and Takahiko Kudo.

Sponichi: Marc Kroon intends to exercise his option to return next season with the Giants. Past next season, he says that if he can't perform up to his own expectations, he'll retire.

Sponichi: Team Eneos and Team Honda faced off against each other on the 10th. Chono went 1-for-2 with a walk versus Tazawa.

Sponichi: Hiroyuki Nakajima, Toru Hosokawa, Fumiya Nishiguchi, and Kazuhisa Ishii might be left off the Asia Series rosters.


Nikkan Sports: TV Ratings for the final game of the Nippon Series re-established a season high. Ratings for the Kanto region registered 28.2% while the Kansai region came in at 24.3%. The highest rated moment: 9:02pm when the Lions had runners on first and second and 2 out with Hirao coming to bat - 39.9%

Nikkan Sports: The Tigers might be preparing to offer Kenshin Kawakami a 4 year, 18-oku yen contract.

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  1. knucklehead7

    Do you think a team that views Uehara as a starter will have an advantage over a team that views him as a reliever?

  2. Gwynar

    I do think Uehara wants to start, but I think the conditions will also be important too. For example, he has said he wants to go to a team that doesn’t have any Japanese players on the roster and that he wants to live in a town / city that’s amenable to Japanese residents. If neither of those conditions were met, but he was offered a starting position, he might decline.

    The bigger concern for Uehara at this point though, is probably how many teams will ultimately bid for his services. I think the media over here is trying to pain a rosy picture (although some have also questioned how many teams will really be interested in him), but I have a feeling teams won’t exactly be busting down his doors.

    Uehara must be hoping that Kawakami decides to stick around in Japan. That’s the only way I see his stock potentially rising.