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NPB Roundup for 11/28: Mostly WBC News

by on Nov.27, 2008 @ 9:19 pm, under NPB

Sponichi: Senichi Hoshino's take on players turning down invitations to play at the WBC (specifically the Chunichi players):

Players that don't want to participate, shouldn't. But players that respect the game and the fans will. ... Nothing can be done about players nursing injuries, but players that aren't participating because they feel they might not be ready or because they feel they don't have enough experience... This is the perfect stage for them to gain that experience. You've got to positive. Chunichi fans will be sad. And you've got to think about the fans.

Sponichi: Sadaharu Oh is high on Nobuhiko Matsunaka. Oh would like to see Matsunaka hitting number 4 on Samurai Japan.

Sponichi: Former Seibu Lions batting coach Dave Okubo is making headlines again. After being sought out for striking a female acquaintance, it was later discovered that Okubo was having an affair with the aforementioned female and had fathered 2 illegitimate children with her. The latest headlines are now claiming that Okubo tipped out the Seibu starting rotation for a Rakuten series to a male acquaintance shortly after the start of the season. BTW: Okubo was given an indefinite suspension after it was found that he did indeed strike his female acquaintance.

Sports Hochi: Lotte fans have created a fight song for Hisayoshi Chono. The fans are doing their part in an attempt to get Chono to sign on with the team. The Lotte Marines reportedly have a 1 year deal worth 1,500-man yen with incentives plus a 1-oku yen signing bonus on the table.