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NPB Roundup 12/4: Chono to Lotte – Please give up on me

by on Dec.04, 2008 @ 10:21 am, under NPB

Sponichi: You've got to give the Marines credit for all their positive thinking. Unfortunately, I think it's time to move on, Chono isn't going to change his tune -- and let this be a lesson to any team NOT named the Giants that tries to draft him again next year. The Marines reached out to Chono again to try and set up a meeting with him for the 5th, but Chono declined and has scheduled a press conference to announce him intentions of staying with Honda next season.

Sponichi: The Hiroshima Carp have a new catch phrase for 2009: ALL―IN 激!

Marty Brown, manager of the Hiroshima Carp, picked the character 激 to symbolize the "fierce and ardent" playing style he expects his team to be playing with next season. BTW: that's Brown's handwriting in the image above.

0 comments on “NPB Roundup 12/4: Chono to Lotte – Please give up on me

  1. knucklehead7

    What will happen if no one else takes him next season, including the Giants? If it is a free agent type situation like it is here, I don’t really see an incentive for the Giants drafting him if they can just sign him afterward.

  2. Gwynar

    To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what happens if he goes un-drafted again next season. Based on the contracts I’ve read, it seems like pro-am players can’t directly sign a contract with a pro team without going through the draft.

    I’ll keep searching for a definitive answer.

  3. Gwynar

    I still haven’t been able to find an answer on this, but I do know that there was a rule prior to the 2007 draft that allowed teams to sign college and amateur players without having to go through the draft. But after corruption was found in the system, it was removed from the system.

    A little more history:
    From 1993-2001 it was called the Gyaku Shimei Seido, or the Reverse Preference Rule. At this point, teams could sign up to 2 players. The name was changed to Jiyu Kakutoku Waku Seido, or Free to Acquire Bracket Rule in 2001.

    In 2004, an incident was uncovered where money was being exchanged between ballclubs and a Meiji University college player. The name was again changed, this time to Kibo Nyudan Waku Seido, or Desired Team Bracket Rule and some of the concepts were changed (like the limit dropping from 2 to 1), but the basic concept remained the same. The Seibu Lions were caught bribing a player in 2007 and the rule was dropped.

  4. Gwynar

    Ok, I still don’t have a definitive answer, but based on some things I’ve read, it appears amateur players can only enter the NPB through the draft. This means that unless Chono gets drafted and then signs with a team, he’ll never have a chance to play in the NPB.

    If I find anything else, I’ll be sure to make mention of it. Hope that answers your question Mike. Sorry it took a while.