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NPB Roundup 12/5: JPBPA against "Tazawa Rule"

by on Dec.04, 2008 @ 10:09 pm, under NPB

Daily Sports: The Japan Professional Baseball Players Association met yesterday to discuss a number of issues, including the now infamous "Tazawa Rule." The JPBPA members all voted against the rule because it was only trying to "threaten players into staying."

Former JPBPA Chairman Shinya Miyamoto said, "Regarding amateur players going overseas, we decided a 2 year restriction is too long. We also felt not having any restrictions isn't good either."

The members suggested that perhaps the number of years a player spends overseas should be considered instead of setting a blanket restriction based only the last level they played (high school = 3 year restriction; college / pro-am = 2 year restriction). It was also suggested that perhaps decreasing the amount of time a player is required to spend in the NPB before being allowed to go overseas (currently 9 years) could help offset young players from rushing off to the Majors. Miyamoto said, "If we shorten the time a player is required to stay, maybe they will consider playing in the NPB first instead of rushing off to the Majors."