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NPB Roundup 12/8: Angels showing interest in Kawakami

by on Dec.07, 2008 @ 10:16 pm, under NPB

Sanspo: Sadaharu Oh was officially announced as the Giants new Old-Timer's President yesterday. Oh actually wasn't present at the announcement since he already had a previous engagement to attend: the Softbank Hawks New Draftee Announcement Ceremonies.

Sanspo: The Softbank Hawks announced the official additions of their 2008 draft picks yesterday: first pick P Shingo Tatsumi, second pick INF Soichiro Tachioka, third pick P Reo Rakuda, fourth pick P Sho Arima, fifth pick P Tadashi Settsu, sixth pick P Moo-Yong Kim, seventh pick P Shinya Suzuki.

Sanspo: Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Lotte Marines) was recently asked which team he wanted to play and said, "The team I want to play for? The person who scouted me is here, but I'll go ahead and say it. Hanshin. It was where I grew up. Lotte was really the last team I wanted to play for."

He was also asked about going to the majors when he gets his international FA option in 2012. He answered, "I have no interest in the majors. I'll just sign with whichever team pays me the most in Japan. That will probably be the Lotte Marines." When asked about becoming an FA in Japan, "The Giants are no fun. I also realized that there's no meaning to playing baseball if you're not a starter, so that would be something to consider as well."

Sponichi: The Angels are showing interest in Kenshin Kawakami. The report mentions that the Angels may push harder for Kawakami if they don't make any progress in re-signing Jon Garland. The article also mentions that the Angels could have a slight edge over the Orioles because they are on the West coast.

Personally, I think NL teams would be better off taking a risk on Kawakami. Either that, or a team that needs some long-relief help. I suppose he could be an interesting option as a number 5 though. My biggest concern would be stamina, so starting him there and keeping him there for a full year could be a good way to 1) see what he's really capable of and 2) give him time to stretch his are out.

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  1. Gwynar

    To be honest, I think it’s mostly just a title. There’s probably stuff like rounding up previous Giants players for various events and keeping their contact information up-to-date. But I’m not sure that there’s any more to it than that.

    Incidentally, Shigeo Nagashima was the previous president, but he stepped down due to health reasons.