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NPB Roundup 12/12: Takayuki Kishi not happy with Lions’ offer

by on Dec.11, 2008 @ 8:51 pm, under NPB

Sanspo: Takayuki Kishi isn't very happy. The Seibu Lions only offered a raise of 39M yen and Kishi feels he deserves more after leading the team with 12 wins and his performance during the Nippon Series against the Giants. Said Kishi, "I thought I'd sign if their offer was close to what I was thinking. I don't really want to say too much, but I honestly thought, 'is that all you thought of my performance this past season?'" It is rumored that Kishi wants a deal in the 85M yen range, 10M yen more than what the Lions have offered.

Sanspo: Yoshinobu Takahashi has decided not to undergo surgery on his lower back. Takahashi has been suffering from chronic back pains and it was thought that he might undergo the knife this off-season. But after discussing his options with doctors and teams officials, it was decided to hold off on the surgery. Takahashi said, "At this point, I won't be having any surgery. I'm rehabbing my back and it's feeling pretty good right now."

Sanspo: The Orix Buffaloes are showing some interest in Jose Fernandez. The club is a little concerned with Greg LaRocca's health and may go after Fernandez for back-up.

Sanspo: The Yakult Swallows could begin negotiations with Ryoji Aikawa as early as some time next week.

Official Carp Website: Four exhibition game match-ups against the Eagles, Marines, Swallows, and Tigers will take place at the old Hiroshima Municipal Stadium next season. These will be the last games played by the NPB at the old stadium -- a final farewell tour of sorts.

0 comments on “NPB Roundup 12/12: Takayuki Kishi not happy with Lions’ offer

  1. knucklehead7

    Scheduling the exhibition games in the old stadium is interesting. Did you ever make it down to Hiroshima?

  2. Gwynar

    I’ve been to Hiroshima once, but not to see any games unfortunately (although I did manage to see the outside of the stadium).

    I wish I could go to one of these exhibition games, but the timing might be a little difficult. Not entirely out of the question though.

  3. knucklehead7

    Even if you make it down for the new stadium at some point, that would still be pretty neat. From what I’ve seen of it, it looks like it could be really nice.

    Have you heard about the Rangers preparing a three-year deal for Uehara?

  4. knucklehead7

    According to Nikkan Sports the Red Sox have offered Kawakami a three-year deal. According to the Globe, the Sox are denying it.