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On the uniforms for Samurai Japan…

by on Dec.15, 2008 @ 7:08 pm, under WBC

The new uniforms designed by Mizuno for Samurai Japan were presented again during the WBC Preliminary Roster announcement yesterday evening.

Sanspo: Traditional ceremonial Samurai kamishimo is a defining influence in the designs for the 2009 uniforms. The home uniforms are white with navy borders along the shoulder and sides. The away uniforms are navy with red borders along the shoulder and sides. The print along the front spelling out "Japan" and the uniform numbers are no longer embroidered, but rather printed, leading to a lighter uniform.

Tatsunori Hara said, "The uniforms are lighter and easy to move around in. I think they are indeed uniforms of the future. I want to top things off by winning the WBC in these very uniforms."

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  1. knucklehead7

    I like the home ones a lot, especially the dark drop shadow. The colors stand out, and the uniforms are a nice mix of traditional (with the swash) and modern touches.

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