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NPB Roundup 12/22: Some more Valentine news and other minor notes

by on Dec.22, 2008 @ 1:25 am, under NPB


2009 to be Valentine's last in Chiba
Bobby Valentine, the first foreign-born manager to win the Japan Series, will leave the Chiba Lotte Marines after the 2009 season.

"It's better this way, it gives me a year, and I'm looking forward to the season," Valentine told The Daily Yomiuri by telephone after team president Ryuzo Setoyama announced the team's decision in a meeting on Sunday.

"They did something really good," Valentine said. "They said attendance was up over the past five seasons...revenue was up...the teams results in terms of wins and losses was up, and they thanked me for my contribution to that. And then Setoyama said the team needed a revolution."


Sanspo: Bobby Valentine apologized to all parties involved and it seems like everyone's happy now. Both the the president of the Doosan Bears and Bobby Valentine are now saying they have no interest in signing Dong Joo Kim. Sucks to be Kim.

Personally, I'm not liking the ways the Marines are treating Valentine here. Through various articles I've read, it sounds like they are basically going to scrap everything he has done up to this point just so that they can show the baseball world they can put together a winning club on their own terms. I think Valentine is doing his best to put a positive spin on things, but reading between the lines...

Nikkan Sports: The Lotte Marines are interested in Tadahito Iguchi.

Nikkan Sports: If Koji Mitsui's only option to go to the States is via minor league contract, he might end up sticking around in Japan. "I'd really like a ML contract. And starting from the minors might be a little difficult for me."