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NPB Roundup 12/24: A few minor notes

by on Dec.23, 2008 @ 6:04 pm, under NPB

Nikkan Sports: The Lotte Marines will have a chance to talk to Tadahito Iguchi on January 5th. Iguchi is planning on spending the holidays in the US and will return to Japan on the 3rd. He is then scheduled to start his training program on the 5th in Okinawa.

Nikkan Sports: Yakult Swallows night games too begin at 6pm. The Tokyo 6 University Leagues will be starting their games 30 minutes sooner on days they share Jingu Stadium with the Swallows; this in turn will allows the Swallows to start their night games sooner. The Swallows hope more fans will be able to attend games next season AND watch through until the final innings. Yakult Swallows club president said, "We shorten the time fans need to wait until the gates open and hopefully allow more to enjoy a full game. There's even a chance that games will now finish by 9pm."

Sanspo: Alex Ramirez will be calling on fans for advice on his home run performances again this season. Ramirez is not only known for his prowess with the bat, but also his little mini-performances in front of the camera after he hits home runs (probably wouldn't be a very smart thing to do in the Majors). He started doing these mini-performances in front of the camera during the 2001 season when he copied a gesture comedian named Ken Shimura was known for.

Alex Ramirez

Sponichi: Ryoji Aikawa hopes to make a decision as to where he'll be playing next year before the end of January. Seems like it'll be a toss up between the Swallows and a team in the Majors. Aikawa still has not received any offers from a Major league team, but has received requests for more information from teams like the Orioles.