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NHK: A look back on Kosuke Fukudome’s season

by on Jan.01, 2009 @ 3:01 am, under Other

Again, I managed to miss out on most of the program, but did manage to catch a couple of interesting tidbits.

  • The surgery Fukudome had on his right elbow before the start of the season wasn't allowing him to make full extension with his swing. The elbow was fine, but he was afraid to letting go.
  • Pitchers started throwing Fukudome pitches tight and inside, then out and away in order to take advantage of poor coverage of the outer portion of the plate.
  • Later during the season, Fukudome tried to make a conscious effort to focus in on one spot and to try and stay away from pitches outside. The TV program mentions an August 24th game against the Washington Nationals as a key turning point for him -- Fukudome entered the game as a pinch-hitter and pulled an inside pitch to right for a home run.

NHK tends to show re-runs of their programs so I think I'll have a chance to catch it again.

0 comments on “NHK: A look back on Kosuke Fukudome’s season

  1. emath

    Fukudome’s problems are obvious to anyone with eyes. He approaches his ABs like Ichiro, but tries to hit home runs like Matsui. He has two steps towards first before the ball even gets there (like he is trying to beat out infield singles, ala Ichiro), and then has no chance at making good contact with anything out over the plate.

    He proved he is strong enough, and capable enough to hit them out at Wrigley, he just needs to decide what kind of hitter he wants to be.

    I expect better of him this season. I will never expect the numbers the Cubs made us believe he would attain (not sure I ever thought he would do that, I was more inline with the thought he would hit for decent power..15-19 home runs, but with a strong average, and OBP), but I still see him being more of a positive this season, and eventually winning most of the ABs in center field.

  2. Gwynar

    I didn’t watch too many of his games last season so I’m not really sure what his ABs were like, but if he was favoring his right elbow and it was affecting his coverage of the outer portion of the plate, it could offer an explanation of his performance.

    The question on my mind is whether or not he’s going to still favor that right elbow this coming season or not. He’s not going to be a very effective hitter (power, contact, or otherwise) if pitchers know they can simply expand the zone outward on him.

  3. emath

    Well, if he favors it too much, and continues to hit like last season, he will find himself with plenty of time to think about it while sitting on the bench.

    I really hope he gets it. We don’t need him to hit 25-30 home runs, if he hits another 10-12 home runs, and get the average/OBP more like it was the first 2 months last season, we will be in good shape.

  4. Gwynar

    If he’s feeling more confident about his repaired elbow, I think you’ll see an immediate difference in his approach. That is, if we are to believe what he said on the TV program.

    Otherwise it could be more of the same — pound him inside and then put him away by going outside.

    The WBC could be an interesting barometer to see where he is.