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NPB Roundup 1/14: News and Notes

by on Jan.14, 2009 @ 5:57 am, under NPB

The Tokyo Dome will be increasing the number of "Excite Seats" from 228 to 420 this season. The seats will be ready in time for the WBC.


The Ni-gun Eastern Leagues will have an extra 12 more games on their calendar this season (108 games in all).

The Eastern League season will begin on March 20th.


The NPB and the 3 Amateur Organizations met earlier today to discuss the possibility of allowing the NPB to hold an open house for aspiring players. The 3 Amateur Organizations agreed on allowing the NPB to hold an open house after players submit their registrations for wanting to go to the NPB, but not before. A final decision will be made at a later date.


The 2009 Draft Guide, published by Nikkan Sports, is now available. The issue covers 108 amateur players that could be involved in this year's draft. I think I'll be picking up a copy for myself.


The Hanshin Tigers are thinking about wearing their uniforms from 1985 during interleague play this year. Uniforms from the 1950 are also being considered.

Incidentally, Akinobu Mayumi, newly hired manager of the Tigers, was the lead-off hitter for the Tigers in 1985.

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  1. knucklehead7

    If you happen to run across any pictures from 1985, I’d like to see what they look like. The closest I could find was from 1981. There are also a few black and white shots of Randy Bass from that era. I’ve always thought their uniforms were pretty nice.

  2. knucklehead7

    Ha, that’s great. Thanks so much Gen.

    They look fairly close to the ones that the team wore in the early nineties. I know he wasn’t much of a player, but I always think of Tsutomu Kameyama and his red batting gloves in those uniforms.