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NPB Roundup 1/16: Swallows to offer Aikawa 3yr, 400M yen contract?

by on Jan.15, 2009 @ 10:17 pm, under NPB

It is rumored that the Swallows will offer Ryoji Aikawa a 3-year deal worth 400M yen (or about $4M). I'm fairly certain there's no way he would have gotten that kind of money in the US. And while I can't really confirm this right now, the article I've linked to also mentions that if the Swallows sign Aikawa, he'll be the first FA they will have ever successfully signed.

Can that really be true?


Koji Mitsui posting period came and went again without a single offer. I guess this marks the end of his attempts to try and go to the Majors. At 35, I'm not sure how many teams would seriously be interested in him anyway. The only thing he really has going for him is that he's a lefty.


This has probably been reported in the US media, but I'll go ahead and mention it here too.

Koji Uehara's first day of throwing as an Oriole:

  • Playing catch from 80 meters (~260 ft) - about 70 tosses
  • And again from about 50 meters (~160 ft) - mixing in forks and shuutos about 50 tosses at 70-80% strength


Just how quickly do Japanese fans forget about their old stars? How about this headline: "Kazuo Higasa passed 2 years ago... The first ever to hit a pinch hit, gaming-winning grand slam."

The man passed away on June 17th, 2007 and people are just now finding out about his death.

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  1. knucklehead7

    There was an article in the Baltimore Sun about Uehara today in case anyone is interested:


    "He’s one of the most famous pitchers in Japan, maybe in the top five," said Hideki Okuda, a reporter for Sports Nippon Newspaper in Tokyo who has covered American baseball for more than two decades. "This is a big story. The name of the Orioles has been in the headlines" in Japan.
    In the team’s effort to create a comfortable environment for Uehara, MacPhail said team officials have been in contact with several major league teams that have Japanese players. The Orioles are also in the process of hiring a trainer for Uehara and an interpreter for the pitcher and his family.


    Also, I read an article about MLB opening a restaurant in Japan:

    World’s 1st MLB eatery to open in Tokyo