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NPB: First day of spring training

by on Feb.01, 2009 @ 3:31 am, under NPB

Today was the first day of spring training in the NPB. Here are some images I've found at various online news sites.

Giants trotting in for their first day...

Lions training camp...

Iguchi taking ground balls...

...Yu Darvish threw 125 pitches on the first day.

...Katsuya Nomura took the stairs instead of the ramp. Why (and why is that news)? 2 years ago, Nomura tripped and fell while walking up those very same stairs and instantly become front page fodder. A ramp was installed last year especially for him, and the media wouldn't let him forget that. This season, Nomura could feel the eyes of the media on his back and he purposely took the stairs instead of the slope.

Said Nomura, "Don't play me the fool!"

A newspaper clipping of that incident...

Nomura also attended a Send-off Party held at Sendai Station yesterday that attracted over 500 fans.

...The Hanshin Tigers are mulling over the idea of using the Tokyo Dome as a home stadium for a number of games this season.

"We'll need to get permission from the Giants and Swallows, but I think it would be fun to play a few home games at Tokyo Dome. Maybe even just games against Yokohama and a couple of interleague games," said Nobuo Minami, president of the Tigers. The team may also consider playing a couple of games in Sapporo, manager Akinobu Mayumi's home town.

Minami also said, "We can't really take away too many home games from the Koshien, but I think a couple would be alright."

...After three Seibu Lions players caught the flu, the team trainer decided it might be a good idea to hand out masks to the other players as a precautionary measure.

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