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NPB: More 15-second rule shenanigans

by on Feb.12, 2009 @ 8:51 am, under NPB

There are a couple of kinks that still need to be ironed out with regards to the 15-second rule. Today's call against Masahiro Tanaka is a perfect example.

Tanaka was called on the 15-second rule in a practice game earlier today. Nothing really special about that, except how it was called. Seconds earlier, the home plate ump was wiping off the dirt on home plate, ticking seconds off the clock. Time out was never called and Tanaka's 15-seconds were up.

Tanaka appealing the 15-second call...

Tanaka immediately appealed the call, but all the home plate ump could do was say that he would take the suggestion into consideration. "The home plate ump should have called a time out. That was our fault," said Pacific League Chief Umpire Yoshio Maekawa when asked about the call after the game.

...The NPB has been fielding calls from fans regarding the 15-second rule. It appears as though many feel the rule isn't being fair to pitchers.

A representative with the NPB said, "I think the main problem is that no one has explained all the rules."

For example:

  • The rule is not in effect when runners are on base.
  • Batters are not allowed to step out of the box without reason. If a batter does step out without reason and the pitcher throws a strike, that strike will be official.
  • And above all else, the rule is meant to help speed up the game.

The NPB rep added, "The rule is to be used at the discretion of the umps."

...Masahiro Tanaka appears to have picked up a new pitch while playing catch with Hisashi Iwakuma and tossing a WBC-regulate ball around.

"Woah! Ma-kun has a magic pitch. Amazing. It's a new pitch," said Iwakuma after failing to catch the ball thrown to him.

The new pitch appears to be a forkball of some sort that drops off the table a lot more quickly.

(Thanks for the heads up Shin!)

...Training camp photos from February 12th.

0 comments on “NPB: More 15-second rule shenanigans

  1. knucklehead7

    It seems from this post and your other post that the communication from the league could have been a lot better about the new rule.

  2. Gwynar
    Originally Posted by knucklehead7;bt1999

    It seems from this post and your other post that the communication from the league could have been a lot better about the new rule.

    It really seems like they’re rushing to get this rule in. I don’t know why they didn’t just take a year to talk it over and work out all the details before putting it into place.

    Seems like the NPB is much too worried about cutting back the length of games than they are about the game itself.

  3. Shinnosuke

    Thanks for writing up the magic pitch, Gen-san,
    but actually I wanted to keep that seacret to all the Americans before they have a game at WBC. (just joking)

    There are so many negative comments from many of all the players (especially pitchers) who were selected for WBC in Japan, but it is the rare case that it gives him possitive effect, the new breaking ball. Don’t you think, Gen-san?

  4. Gwynar

    I’m a big fan of Tanaka’s so I’m really hoping he does well. He did pretty well during the Olympics (in limited appearances) so I’m hopeful that he’ll do just as well during the WBC.