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NPB: Mazda Stadium ticket pricing revealed; Furuta visits Eagles’ training camp

by on Feb.14, 2009 @ 12:49 am, under NPB

Seat pricing for the new Hiroshima Carp stadium (Mazda Stadium) have been released. Tickets sales for the opening series will go on sale beginning March 15th at 10am.

Infield Seat A (1B and 3B side) - Area 1

Infield Seat B (3B side) - Area 2

Outfield Reserved - Area 3

Sky Seats (2nd Floor) - Area 4

Performance Seats (2nd Floor) - Area 5 & 6

Infield Non-reserved Seats (2nd Floor) - Area 7
Adults: 1,600yen Children: 800yen

The Hiroshima Carp are also looking for 3 new "Homerun Girls" for home games. Applicants should be between 18 and 29 and live in the Hiroshima area. Deadline for resume submissions is the 29th. Interested parties should call 082-221-2040.

...Yoshinori Sato (Yakult Swallows) is worried about the 15-second rule. In a recent bullpen session, Sato had someone keep track of the time to check and see if he went over 15-seconds. "I'm very aware of the rule so I had someone keep track of time for me. I didn't go over the 15-seconds today, but I really won't know until I'm in a game-situation," said Sato. He is slated to start a practice game against the Tigers tomorrow.

...Atsuya Furuta visted the Eagles' training camp yesterday. He suited up and caught Masahiro Tanaka's bullpen session -- some 69 pitches. "He's good. He's got speed and good movement on his off-speed pitches. I was thinking he'd be the team's ace in the future, but no way. He can win this year," said Furuta of Tanaka's pitching.

Furuta was then asked what he thought when Katsuya Nomura (manager of the Rakuten Eagles) said, "If I'm catching, Tanaka wins 20. If Futura is catching, he wins 15." Furuta replied, "Yeah, I guess Tanaka wins 15 if I'm catching."

Speaking of which, below is my translation of a conversation that took place between Furuta and Nomura earlier in the day (I'm pretty sure it's just an excerpt):

Nomura: I see you in your suit and I thought someone from Johnny's Entertainment arrived. (Johnny's Entertainment = Famous talent agency in Japan)

Furuta: There's no one working at Johnny's like me. *laughing*

Nomura: I hear you're gunning for the manager's seat here.

Furuta: Let me clarify my position, I'm aiming for the manager's seat here. I haven't even been approached by Rakuten.

Nomura: I heard rumors that you dined with the owner (Toru Shimada).

Furuta: I think you were the one that planted that rumor. I met Shimada once during a party with a 100 guests...

Nomura: Shimada gave the same account as you.

Furuta: But it's the truth.

Nomura: It's alright, why don't you become the next manager?

Furuta: No, no. I have a feeling you'll still be the manager next season.

Nomura: I've been told. This is my final year. Enough about that, I hear you've been bad-mouthing me at lectures lately.

Furuta: You told me before, "If you bad-mouth me at lectures, you'll get a nice response." And then you said, "I'm already bad-mouthing you so."

Nomura: *laughing* Is that right?

...Training camp photos from February 13th (Sanspo).

0 comments on “NPB: Mazda Stadium ticket pricing revealed; Furuta visits Eagles’ training camp

  1. knucklehead7

    Interesting conversation between Furuta and Nomura. Good to see they were able to joke around a bit, but does it seem like there was a bit of underlying tension there? It’s so hard to judge from text.

  2. Gwynar

    What’s more, it’s a translation as well, so not only do you lose some meaning because it’s text, but you also lose some meaning from going to Japanese to English.

    Based on what I could tell from the article though, it seemed like the two were having fun joking around.

  3. knucklehead7

    I’m not sure if you mentioned it in an earlier post or not, but what is the city currently planning to do with the old park in Hiroshima?

  4. Gwynar

    I’m not entirely positive, but from what I’ve been able to find (in Japanese), it seems like the old stadium will stay open until October of this year.

    The Carp will be playing a few exhibition games there in March and the Hiroshima area high schools will use it for their summer tournament games. Other than that, the article I linked to also mentions that the stadium will be open to public events (I guess that means people will be able to rent out the stadium).

    After that, I think the stadium is coming down.

    解体工事 = demolition

  5. knucklehead7

    Thanks for the information and translation. I do remember your post about the exhibition games, but couldn’t seem to find much information about what was going to happen down the road.