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NPB: Takahiro Arai to discuss the 15-second rule with the NPB

by on Feb.17, 2009 @ 12:29 pm, under NPB

Takahiro Arai, current President of the Japan Pro Baseball Player's Association, intends on meeting with NPB to discuss the 15-second rule. Said Arai, "I think it's important to meet with the people that decided on the rule. ... I'd like to get all this straightened out before opening day. I understand the need to speed games up, but unless everyone's on the same page, it won't work."

...Yokohama Bay Stars Daisuke Miura tossed 200 pitches in his bullpen session yesterday. He would like to try and throw 1,800 pitches before opening day.

...Softbank Hawks Chris Aguila felt discomfort in his right knee and wasn't available for the intra squad game yesterday.

...Masahiro Tanaka struck out 4 of the 10 batters he faced during situational batting practice yesterday. One of those 4 batters also happened to be Ichiro.

"To throw a slider like that on 3-2 tells me he's really confident of that pitch. I think that's going to be an effective pitch for him," said Ichiro.

...The WBC is looking for some kids under 12 that might be interested in throwing the ceremonial first pitch at one of the WBC games set to take place at the Tokyo Dome. Interested parties should check out the official WBC website for more information.

...The Seibu Lions will be playing an exhibition game against Team China on the 27th.

...WBC training camp photos from February 17th (Sanspo).

...Training camp photos from February 17th (Sanspo).

0 comments on “NPB: Takahiro Arai to discuss the 15-second rule with the NPB

  1. knucklehead7

    This was such a backwards way of implementing a rule that affects game play. It just goes to show how important communication is in situations like this.

  2. Gwynar

    On the one hand, I find it interesting that communication on the new rules was actually THIS bad. But then, in a land where written contracts aren’t all that important, this really isn’t that big a surprise.