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NPB: Orix new road unis; Darvish to make start tonight; Nakata struggles again

by on Feb.23, 2009 @ 6:51 pm, under NPB

...After having a big game the other day, Sho Nakata (Ham Fighters) went 0-for-3 with 2 strikeouts yesterday in a practice game against the Rakuten Eagles. He also had throwing error in the game.

...The Orix Buffaloes will be sporting new road uniforms for the 2009 season. The letter colors have changed from yellow to white. The lines running down the side of the pants have also changed: from navy blue to red.

Orix Buffaloes: new 2009 road uniforms

...Jamie D'Antona's (Yakult Swallows) training schedule is slowly starting to move forward. After having surgery on his left elbow during the off-season, the Swallows had him working on a separate training schedule for rehab. Yesterday, fielding practice was added into the mix.


...Yuki Saito was selected to the Baseball Federation of Japan All-Amateur team in preparation for the 2009 IBAF World Cup. The Asia Champions begin on July 31st in Sapporo and will culminate with the XXXVIII Baseball World Cup on August 9th in Europe.


...Yu Darvish will be making a start in today's practice match-up against Australia.

...After being held hitless in 2 straight games against the Giants, Ichiro Suzuki hit the batting cages yesterday at Skymark Stadium in Kobe. He took 150 swings and hit 51 of them over the fence (he hit 4 in a row twice during his session).

"I first thought about calling it quits after hitting number 50, but that one didn't really feel good, so I figure why not 1 more. Number 51 didn't feel that good either, so then I started thinking let me go for number 52," said Ichiro of his session.

...Nomura Quotes:

On Iwakuma and Tanaka being selected...

Matsunaka was cut? Was conditioning the reason? I see. So number four will be Inaba. All-Japan's number four. He's had a successful career.

On Hosokawa being cut...

If it were me, I'd use Hosokawa. I wonder if they cut him because I said I'd choose him. I should never had said anything.

On Matsunaka and Hosokawa having injuries...

That just seems like a technicality. After all, maybe they're feeling better tomorrow. So Johjima's the catcher. Team Japan is aiming for 10-0 games so it doesn't matter who the catcher is? Or is it that they have good pitchers so it doesn't matter who is catching? The catcher and the number four hitter, but important parts of the team, both were cut...

...Back to Iwakuma and Tanaka...

Iwakuma and Tanaka deserved spots on the team. If those 2 were left off, I'd be force to something. The WBC will be a great opportunity for them.

I love this Nomura. He's just an awesome sound-biting machine.


...Training camp photos from February 23rd (Sanspo).

0 comments on “NPB: Orix new road unis; Darvish to make start tonight; Nakata struggles again

  1. knucklehead7

    Interesting move away from the gold font. The old road uniforms were very similar to the ones the Blue Wave wore during Ichiro’s run.

  2. emath

    My dumb person question of the day…

    Why do their uniforms have everything in English?

    I can understand the WBC stuff being in English, as this is mostly an MLB thing, but why their stuff for their league, in their country, which we have little coverage of here?

  3. Gwynar

    English is used a lot in sports over here (not just baseball). Some of that might have to do with how difficult it might be to get Japanese characters onto uniforms — they’re a lot more complicated than your standard romanized alphabet. I suppose that could also lead to a difference in cost as well.

  4. Gwynar

    BTW: don’t quote me on what I wrote. It’s really just a guess. I’d probably have to ask someone in the industry to get a real answer.