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WBC: Japan vs. China

by on Mar.05, 2009 @ 11:42 am, under WBC

Ok, got back from the game about a half hour ago. I was actually stupid enough to walk back all the way home from the Tokyo Dome (but I thought it was much closer!) and probably won't be doing that again any time soon.

BTW: I think I walked about 8-10 kilometers (5-6 miles) in about an hour and a half. It actually wouldn't have been half bad if it was during the day.


As for the game itself... It was a little slow.

And either China's pitching has really improved, or Japan's offense stunk things up -- they should have been able to score at least 2-3 more runs.

It was nice to see Aoki hit a run scoring double and Murata a 2-run home run, but there were a number of chances Japan squandered over the first few innings. It also didn't help that Ichiro continues to struggle at the plate (0-for-5). He did make a nice play in the field though.

Just a recap on some of the failed situations:

  1. First inning, 1 out, runner on third.
  2. Second inning, runners on first and second, with no out, Johjima hits into a double play to pretty much kill the inning.
  3. Fourth inning, with runners on second and third, and 1 out, Ichiro grounds out to second and Johjima gets thrown out at home.
  4. Still in the fourth inning, with the bases loaded and two outs, Aoki lines out to first.
  5. 6th inning: with runners on first and second and no out, Iwamura strikes out. Ichiro doesn't do much better, grounding into a fielder's choice.

There was also a failed bunt attempt by Johjima in the 8th that could have moved Kataoka over to third with 1 out. But with the way the offense was sputtering, chances are Kataoka would have ended up stranded at third.

Samurai Japan's pitching was decent. I was hoping to see Darvish pitch another inning, but Hara yanked him after 4 innings and 46 pitches. I guess Hara wanted to give some of the inexperienced pitchers a turn -- specifically Wakui (2 innings / 26 pitches), Yamaguchi (.2 innings / 7 pitches), and Tanaka (.1 innings / 7 pitches). And then Mahara (1 inning / 10 pitches) and Fujikawa (1 inning / 20 pitches) came in for the last 2 innings -- not much of a surprise.

The relievers weren't quite as overpowering as I thought they would be. And they seemed a little more hittable than I would have liked, but they got the job done.


I took about 300-350 pictures and shot video of the opening ceremonies. I'll try to post both as soon as I can. I'm also running up close to a deadline, so I may not be able to post all of what I want to until a little later.

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  1. knucklehead7

    No rush on the pictures or video, Gen. Thanks for taking the time to post up some of your thoughts from the game.