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WBC: Korea vs Taiwan (Taipei)

by on Mar.06, 2009 @ 9:31 am, under WBC

My tickets for the game were in the non-reserved section. I wasn't really sure where the non-reserved section was until I got to the Dome -- it was the entire upper deck area. Pretty good deal.

I picked a seat that was behind and to the left of home plate. Managed to get some pretty nice action shots (about 200-250 images tonight).

The Dome was "empty" in comparison to what it was like when Japan played -- attendance was reported as 18,704. The cheering section for Korea was located out in left and they were pretty vocal for most of the night. The cheering section for Taiwan was behind the dugout at first. In the end, it seemed like the Korean fans were a lot more organized.

Taipei Cheering Section

Korea Cheering Section

Korea came out swinging and quickly put up 6 runs in the first (1 grand slam). They tacked on another 3 more runs (1 2-run shot) over the course of the game to beat Taiwan 9-0.

Taipei threatened a couple of times, but at no point did it seem as if Korea would suddenly lose control -- Korea just completely outplayed Taipei.

If you ask me, Korea is the team to beat in the Asia bracket again. It just seems like they have their stuff together, something that Japan has yet to do.

Tokyo Dome after the game

So now that the first two games are over, we have the match-ups for tomorrow.

China will face Taipei in the first game.
Korea will face Japan in the second game.

I think this is basically what most analysts were expecting. Based on the two games played out, I'd probably give Taipei a slight edge over China and Korea a slight edge over Japan (hopefully I'm wrong on my assessment of Korea).

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  1. Gwynar

    I’m getting pretty psyched for tonight’s game between Korea and Japan. Should be a great game. And I’m guessing the Dome is going to be packed. Wish I could have been there.

    Tonight’s game is probably going to be the best out of all the games in the Asia bracket.