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8 comments on “Images of the Tokyo Dome from the outside

  1. knucklehead7

    These are exactly the kind of shots I enjoy seeing, and that last one you’ve posted here is a pretty neat image.

  2. Gwynar

    I think that’s a lantern for a Japanese Ramen Noodle cart you see swinging.

    I’ll see if I can some more tomorrow.

  3. thebishop

    the Tokyo Dome looked like it was rockin by nightfall

    Pretty cool shots, dood. Is that last one a double exposure or did you do soemthing to it? Either way, cool shot.

  4. Gwynar

    It’s just a long exposure shot. Nothing special about it other than that. Just cranked down the aperture and then dropped the shutter speed down.

  5. Gwynar

    Just a heads up: I’ve added another 13 images to the Picasa link up above. The images include shots of the stations near the Dome (Shinbashi and Korakuen), and a few more shots of the areas around it.

    Here’s a shot of the outside of the Japan Baseball Hall of Fame:

  6. Gwynar
    Originally Posted by knucklehead7;bt2485

    So, when can Stos and I come for a visit? Thanks again for sharing these.

    Any time. Mi casa e su casa.

    And if you crash here during the summer, you’d be able to catch games at both Jingu Stadium AND the Tokyo Dome. The Seibu Dome also isn’t supposed to be too far away from where I live (further than the Dome, but not so far that you can’t take a train to watch a game).

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