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The Curse of Colonel Sanders, Part II

by on Mar.28, 2009 @ 1:50 pm, under NPB

Tigers' fans may no longer be feeling all that excited about Colonel Sanders being recovered from Dotonbori River any more. Seems things haven't been going so well for the Tigers since he was fished out of the river.

Maybe he didn't want to be found...

Sanspo mentions the following as ominous signs for the team...

...and perhaps the start of a new curse?

  1. Tomoyuki Kubota continues to suffer from shoulder arthritis and there are still no significant updates about his status for the season.
  2. Yutaka Tamaki suffered an injury in a game the same day the Colonel was recoved. He hurt his right elbow and was dropped from the rotation.
  3. Kinihiro Matsumura, a huge (literally too) Hanshin Tigers fan, was hospitalized on the 22nd after suffering from cardiac arrest during the Tokyo Marathon.
  4. Akinobu Mayumi announced on the 22nd that Akihiro Yano might not be ready for the start of the season.
  5. While the Tigers did beat the Eagles on the day after the Colonel was recovered, they haven't managed to win a single game since then.
  6. Kevin Mench went hitless in 14 straight plate appearances (10 at bats) after that game against the Eagles.
  7. Norihiro Akahoshi was hit by a pitch on the 25th against the Softbank Hawks and has gone 0-for-6 since then.

Does this mean the Colonel won't be on display at the Koshien anymore?