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NPB: Eagles win 4 straight; Rhodes 1 HR shy of tying Nagashima; and more…

by on Apr.07, 2009 @ 12:28 pm, under NPB


...The latest report on Akihiro Yano has him making a return as early as the 14th. He practiced for the first time on Tuesday since going down with his injury.

...The Cocunut Garden (a beer garden restaurant located out in straight away center at the Koshien) will be offering free food to customers IF a home run is hit into the restaurant area.

That might sound like a tasty deal, but the restaurant is located some 150m (492ft) away from home plate.


...Tuffy Rhodes is one home run shy (443) of moving into a 12th play tie with Shigeo Nagashima.


...Tsuyoshi Kawagishi was removed from the active roster due to an injury he suffered in a game against the Ham Fighters on the 5th. Looks like it's an injury in his right elbow area (右上腕骨小頭部損傷). For now, he'll rest his arm for a week and then be re-evaluated after that.

...Katsuya Nomura after winning 4 straight to start the season:

It's Spring's unexpected happenings. No, that's not right. This is what we're capable of. ... If my next two pitchers can throw well... I'd really like to try and get to Iwakuma without any losses.

Nomura kissing the game ball...


...Sadaharu Oh said that the Hawks make look for help in the foreign market to fill in the hole left by Nobuhiro Matsuda's absence. Matsuda is currently on the DL and will be out for at least 6 weeks.


...Yasuhiro Ichiba could be making his first official start in a Swallows' uniform on the 11th against the Yokohama Bay Stars. Ichiba is currently in Ni-gun getting some more innings under his belt. With the injury to Hei Chun Lee, the Swallows currently don't have a number 6 starter.


...Takahiro Suzuki took about 600 cuts in the batting cage on his off-day on Monday. He went 1-for-4 with a walk on Tuesday.


...Ex-Rakuten Eagles' pitcher Domingo Guzman was picked up by the Kochi Fighting Dogs in the Chikoku Kyushu Island League.

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