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NPB: Takahashi appears to be ok; Kadokura signs with the SK Wyvern; and more

by on Apr.14, 2009 @ 1:47 pm, under NPB


...Michihisa Sawai was added to the active roster.


Number 111, Mickey

...Mickey, the widely popular ball carrying dog, passed away on the 8th. For 3 seasons, Mickey provided extra balls to the umpire.

...Ryozo Kato (NPB Commissioner) dropped by Mazda Stadium to get a first-hand look of the new park.

Said Kato, "The locker room is a big improvement over the older parks. This must be bigger than the ones at MLB parks. ... You can have a party while watching a game. This is really a great park."


...Katsuya Nomura's comments on Masahiro Tanaka's start:

A God, a Buddha, the Great Tanaka. He's the second coming of Kazuhisa Inao. He really did a great job. Despite the horrible conditions.


...Hisanori Takahashi played some catch, from a distance of 30 meters, on Tuesday to test his arm and everything appears to be ok.

Said Takahashi, "No problems to report. I didn't feel anything strange in the arm so I should be ok."

...The rain-out may have been a godsend for the relief corp. The bullpen has made an appearance in 9 games so far and has also been involved in two 12 innings contests.


...Ken Kadokura has signed a contract worth worth 20.2M yen (plus a 5.05M yen bonus) with the SK Wyverns of the Korean Baseball Organzation. He could be in uniform as early as the end of this week. The Wyverns will use him as a starter.