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NPB: Some injury updates; PL ump Kakizono appears in 2,000th game

by on Apr.19, 2009 @ 1:34 am, under NPB


...Tsuyoshi Nishioka was finally taken to a hospital after missing another game and was diagnosed with bruising of the tarsus area in his right foot (右足根骨打撲). His status for today's game will depend on how he's feeling prior to the game.


...Seems like Kohei Oda (catcher) is getting quite a bit of blame for Weiyin Chen's breakdown in yesterday's game against the Giants.

When Hiromitsu Ochiai (manger) was asked after the game what he thought was the problem with Chen's game he said, "Why don't you wait to take a look at the starting line-up tomorrow?"

Fujio Tamura (catching coach) referred to Chen's pitching pattern's in the 7th against Edgardo Alfonzo as an example of things gone awry (Chen looked afraid and was throwing too many change-ups).


...Tomohiro Nioka was left out of the starting line-up on the 17th and 18th due to tightness in his left leg.

...Atsunori Inaba was hit by a pitch in the 5th inning in yesterday's contest against the Lions. He was taken to an area hospital after the game to get his right hand checked and diagnosed with a right pinky finger laceration. Inaba's status for today's game will depend on how he's feeling.


...Fernando Seguignol was not in the starting line-up yesterday versus the Buffaloes due to pain in his right elbow area. He suffered the bruising during an at bat in a game against the Marines on the 16th -- a foul ball he hit got a piece of him. His status for today's game depends on how he's feeling.

...Akihito Fujii earned his FA rights on the 17th.

...Nomura's comments on Iwakuma's performance:

On his 19 ground ball outs...
That's Iwakuma at his best. When he's getting ground ball outs, he's on his game. Iwakuma isn't the type of pitcher to strike a bunch of guys out. He's a finesse pitcher by definition, or is he defined by being a finesse pitcher... Wonder which it is.

On not completing the game...
One of his problems is that he doesn't really like pushing the envelope. But if you're an ace, that's something that's expected. You're supposed to set an example for everyone. I'd love for him to go out and say, "I'm going to do it for my team, do it for my team mates, I want people to follow me!" Ideally, I'd like him to become the type of pitcher I can tell others to strive for.

On Iwakuma's 80th victory...
Really? He's got quite a bit to go for 200.


...The Bay Stars became the first team to lose 10 games, in either league, this season when they were downed by the Tigers yesterday.


...Pacific League ump Satoru Kakizono appeared in his 2,000th game yesterday. He is the 26th umpire to reach that figure.