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NPB: Kimiyasu Kudo turns 46; and some roster move explanations

by on May.05, 2009 @ 11:06 pm, under NPB


...Assuming the weather holds up, Yuya Ando should be starting for the Tigers tonight against the Yakult Swallows.

...Kyuji Fujikawa played some catch yesterday, about 40 tosses worth.


...For the first time in 28 years, the Carp have shut-out the Chunichi Dragons over their last three matches (May 5: 2-0, April 12: 10-0, April 11: 2-0).


...Chihiro Kaneko's complete game victory against the Hawks yesterday was his first in 2 years. It was also the first time he completed a game without surrendering a walk or HBP (無四球試合 - mushikyujiai).


...Teppei Tsuchiya complained of dizziness during yesterday's game against the Lions and was replaced with a pinch-hitter in the 4th.

...Katsuya Nomura's comments after yesterday's victory:

This is the first time I've seen Ryohei Isaka. We meet for the first time. Nice to meet you. What an awful manager.

On the first time a rookie has won his first start...
That's great news. He's got good composure and rhythm. How old is he? 24. This will be a good present for the next manager.

On Tanaka not being around for his start...
I figured today's game would be something of a throw-away. I don't think anyone was expecting to see Isaka win. We figured it would be a loss. So winning this game was great. But a manager shouldn't be saying something like this. I should be fined.

On Isaka's 0-3 start at Ni-gun...
Today was a really odd victory. Was it because Seguignol got a big hit? The pitcher might be Ni-gun, but the catcher is different.

The offense got some help from Nakamura and recorded it's 7th consecutive game with 10+ hits. This is also a team first...
There's been a lot of "firsts" lately. Is that because we're still relatively new? When New York (Nakamura and Yamasaki) move, the whole world moves.


...Takayuki Shimizu will be taken off the active roster due to poor performance. Rookie outfielder Ryo Sakata will most likely be called up in his place.


...Kimiyasu Kudo celebrated his 46th birthday with perfect 1-inning performance against the Giants (1 IP, K, 0 R) and got a hold to boot. Fitting, perhaps, that it came against the Giants.


...Hisanori Takahashi will be joining the parent club on the 6th and Wirfin Obispo will be taken off the active roster to make room for him.