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NPB: Akihiko Ohya replaced by Tomio Tashiro as Bay Stars’ Manager

by on May.18, 2009 @ 10:56 am, under NPB

Akihiko Ohya was relieved of his duties as manager of the Yokohama Bay Stars. Ni-gun manager Tomio Tashiro has been named interim manager of the team.

Comments from Ohya:

Frankly speaking, what are your current thoughts?
This is part of what it means to be a pro. The players are trying their hardest and yet the team is more than 10 games under .500. I really wanted another chance to try and get the team back on track during inter-league play but...

Do you think it was a lack of potential?
The focus this season was on grooming the younger players. The pitching staff was really trying hard to get things going. We were prepared and had the potential and yet we still lost. That was the problem.

Is there anything you said to the players?
I don't really want to get into all of that. Except I did have a meeting with them on the night of the 17th and I told them that they have the potential to be a class A team and that I wanted them to do their best no matter what.

What are you future plans?
I haven't thought about it at all. I don't think I'll be returning.

Comments from the interim manager, Tashiro:

What is your current mental status?
I'm feeling a little unsure about things because it all happened so quickly, but I'm looking forward to the chance. I'd like to implement my own methods in helping the team right itself.

How will you get the team out of this slump?
Unlike last season, the pitching staff is in much better shape. The offense has been a problem so I'd like to talk it over with my coaches to see what could be done. I don't really want to say anything right now, but I do have some ideas I'd like to try.

Ohya was a strong proponent of the youth movement, how
He used a lot of youth and got the team headed in the right direction. I was a Ni-gun coach and I brought up a some young players with positive results. I want to keep this movement going, but I think using veterans will be important as well. That might be selfish of me, but I'd like to try and use both.

Have you spoken to Ohya?
I spoke to him a couple days before when there were some roster changes, but haven't spoken to him since then.

What will you say to the players?
I told my players at Ni-gun that in order to play well, it's important to make sure that mentally prepared. The team has been in last place for a long time, so it'll be important to get them out of that mindset and put them into attack mode. Both the pitchers and positional players. The more aggressive they are, the less hesitation they will have. No one should be worried about results so long as they are aggressive, that's what I want to tell them.

What kind of game plan do you have?
The offense is in bad shape right now. I have a few ideas on what could be done.

Second base has been a revolving door. What do you intend to do?
When I was with Searex, Toshihisa Nishi was demoted. In watching him play, it seemed to me like he was still full of energy. The youngsters haven't been able to get the job done. I want the players to compete for the starting job. I'll give anyone a chance. And then I'll consider the options. In Nishi's case, he just happened to come along. So there are some things I'm thinking about right now.

0 comments on “NPB: Akihiko Ohya replaced by Tomio Tashiro as Bay Stars’ Manager

  1. knucklehead7

    The Bay Stars have the worst record in either league and they’ve lost four in a row, so I guess this isn’t much of a surprise.

  2. Gwynar

    Considering the record, not THAT much of a surprise. And the start of inter-league play is kind of a good cut-off point.

    But it still seemed kind of sudden.